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Who has not gained?


Who has not gained?

Anyone out there been at PE consistently for six months or more and has gotten no gains or very little gains? If so what routine have you been using? The reason I ask is perhaps some vets may take notice and we could trouble shoot.Also I am getting the feeling that there are probably allot more non-gainers then gainers out there. I have been into PE for over five years. Gained 1/2 inch of the bat,got injured stopped and did it a little on and off.Have really been back at it now for six months and no gains.Wondering if others have had the same thing experience. Hoping in the meantime to get over the hump by hanging with “the Captains Wench”.

Might help if you would mention your current routine. Maybe you are holding back on exercise intensity because of your injury?

Have you built your Wench?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

When I started PE, I gained 1/2” in length easy. I then jelqed for 10-15 minutes and stretched for 15 minutes a day for almost a year without results (maybe 1/8” but I don’t count that as anything significant). Looking back, this probably wasn’t enough PE time, but after a while, it just starts getting old when you don’t see any changes.

I have been hanging for 3 weeks now (w/ a BIB hanger), and I’m hoping that hanging will kick start the gains. It’s definitely a different feel of a workout compared to manual exercies. Some say that hanging did the trick for them, so I’m positive that I will be gaining in the future.

I have built it and I am hopeful that now I am back to hanging I will see gains once again. My intital gains came from hanging . After my injury when I restarted I was doing manual stretches,ulis and jelq for about 45 minutes a day , one day off,one day on. Got no results. Incorpotated at differnt times other excercises as well.Erect bends, horses,V stretches etc, with no gains at all. Been doing that for the past six months.For myself I think hanging has got to be the way to go. If it does not work then I will be at wits end and will have come to the conclusion that this whole PE thing is just one big conspiracy. Kidding. Actually if hanging does not yield results for me again I am hoping to have some other things to fall back on .Anyway I am wondering if others are having the same problem as me and have been hanging then perhaps I and they are just not good candidates for PE . Maybe it only works for a select few? I am not giving up mind you but I am growing tired of all the effort with nothing to show for it. I really hope hanging will cure that.The routine I have adopted for that I am sure is sound and should be effective.I have posted it here

Jman progress report

Superstroker and jman, what are your LOTs? Not that that stops a person from gaining but I’m curious about it since your gains have been slow.

I have the theory that penis memory has a lot to do whether you grow or not. In order to change the current size memory of your cock, you have to increase it’s size several days in a row before rest. Otherwise, tissue memory takes over and it goes back to the original size. It is not like muscle growth that requires tissue breakdown and regrowth, it is more like tissue expansion, until the expanded size becomes permanent.

Instead of the one day on and one day off routine, go back to the basic technique of 5 to 6 days on and 1 or 2 days off.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I think the key is not to let you lovepole not rest all day after the first 6 Mont’s . Hang all day with light hanging under you baggy pants . Some kind of hard hanging at home . My Mr happy can’t do the same thing for very long till I stop growing I have to up the anti.

Wow this shit works!


My LOT is at 8 o’clock. I guess my ligs are just being stubborn. I’m sure hanging will take care of that.


My lot is very good and should support more length coming from the inside of the pelvic wall (if the theory holds true).I have virtually no tug back at all.Only when I am pulling directly up on my stomach towards my head.Other then that pretty much no ,or very minimul tug back in any other direction I pull.Because off that when I was doing manual stretches,jelqs etc I always made sure to pull straight down and with plenty of force. Still no gains to show for it.If hanging does not work after a while ,I may just opp for surgery and cut the f&*king ligs.Then try hanging again.I hope I do not have to go that route and it is a last ditch effort. I really am motivated to do whatever I have to however to reach my goal of at least 8 inches.


Tried five on and two off for the first three to four months and still nothing.Perhaps I should have stuck with it longer ,anyway I am back to that time frame now,couple that with the hanging and hopefully it will have an impact.Thanks for the advice.

Great input that is exactly what I am going to do, keep my current hanging regimen and then do some sort of ADS to keep it used to it.I am going to use an ace wrap early in the morning after a slight stretch in the hot shower.Actually did that on Friday of this week and my cock has been looking pretty good flaccid lately.Hope it transfers over to some erect gain with more days put in .


Congrats on your lucky high LOT! Have you tried BTC squat? Use your body weight to attack ligs. It’s more intense than hanging alone.

Quizás, quizás, quizás...

I have gained nothing in girth and I have been PEing for almost a year.

I gained about 3/4” in length pretty easily with some BTC and SD stretches as well as a few weeks of hanging.

Before that, I was jelqing for almost 45 minutes a day and had no results in either girth or length. I think my lack of gains was due to overworking my penis.

After the hanging (got to my length goal) I tried some squeezes for girth for a couple weeks, but got an injury and stopped everything. I then tried pumping and squeezes for another few weeks, but also stopped because my injury never really went away.

I am hoping my injury will be gone within the next month so I can finally start PEing again. My plan is to try this whole heating thing out with some short pumping sessions. I don’t want to overwork my penis again. I will probably start out by doing 2 or 3 sets of 7 minutes pumping sessions a day with a mega heat warm up at the start, as well as a good heating between pump sets.

I think I may have been overworking my penis from the start and have never really given it a chance to grow with just some nice easy execises.

I’m hoping this will work!

I havent really gained any length, im still currently 6.1” Length and 5.3” Girth my current routine is:

Warm up 5Mins
Manual Stretch 10mins
Jelqs + Girth Busters 15Mins
Manual Stretch 10Mins

Im thinking about trying hanging but i can make a device that will stay on, i really want to gain as i feel really small compared to everyone on here, infact i think ive gained a complex as a result :s

Please Help

Just a note,

Besides having a sound routine, what made me gain, was drinking lots of water and doing aerobic exercising (running, soccer) 4+ times a week. Before that I was a lazy coach potato, and didn’t gain anything in my first three months in the world of PE.

A Man behind his mask.

I once went almost 8 months without a gain, the bib hanger broke my plateau. I need to hang at least 10 hours a week to get length gains. when I’m going for girth I find more rest works the best my routine is 5 days on 2 off and maybe .5 to .75 hours a day. I do all erect jelqing and squeezes. Also if my dick is tired while in girth mode I think nothing of taking a few days off I think it helps.

Hey Johan are you doing a remake of the shinning? nice avatar

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