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Who are we doing this for??

Who are we doing this for??

I starting PE about 6 weeks ago, but it’s something I’ve been wondering about and fantasizing about for a long

time. Anyway, I got serious mid February and have enjoyed the members posts and the mountain of knowledge available to us new guys. As I’ve been learning, and growing , I’ve realized that a lot of the growth is somewhere other than my dick. 2004 was not a really good year for me; health issues, a death in the family etc. and it was kind of a culmination of a process of losing myself to the distractions of the world. I spent a lot of time taking care of sick family, while trying to take care of muself and my own family, too. Well January brought a new year and a new outlook. I’ve lost about 25 lbs, my blood pressure is under control and the other health issues(which brought about more health issues) are improving, too. As I’ve been PEing, I’ve thought many times about telling my wife what I’ve been doing. But I finally realized that this is one thing that I’m kind of doing just for me. My wife is enjoying the bigger cock, so it’s for her, too, but it feels like about the only thing I’ve got that’s just mine. I’ve always had a problem with feeling guilty if I’m not always doing for someone else, but I think I’m learning to overcome that. Thanks for the support that I’ve felt from the other members. I’ve wondered if anyone else has the same feelings.

Happy gaining.

You pegged it for me. I PE for me and me alone. Yeah, Mrs V gets the benefit of a bigger cock and she HAS been enjoying that. However, I like what it PE does for my health and I like the way my dick looks every time I take it out to piss. I love the tight fit I have attained. But at this point, it is just my little secret. Well, mine and yours……….

Thanks for your post clgp7.

I hope you have a great year……….


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vs, thanks man. I appreciate the input. I ‘ve been gratified to find out that a lot of the anxieties and insecurities that I’ve been dealing with are not mine alone. I’m not glad that others have them, but there’s comfort in numbers, no?

Self image and better sex.

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For me

Additionally, I just want to get big enough to hurt my wife

Remember, there are never any traffic jams on the extra mile.

for me… and mini-me. I want my mini-me to reach his max potential. But I want to share it with at least one other person.

Me, and the many lucky ladies that lie ahead.


Glad things are turning around for you! Thanks for the inspirational post!


It’s good to see 789’s cousin on the boards and posting too! :D

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Good post bro! I used to feel the same way when I was married I was always doing for other people and had to steal time for myself. That’s one of the good things of being single I can get comfortable on the couch and put on the tunes and take some me time for PE. I feel your pain but while your growing dick let your balls grow back and become the Alpha male that’s inside. My advice is buy a Harley:D

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Cheers, it is about me. Coming from the medical field where one often puts self on a back burner to care for others that are in ill health. You got to be good to yourself first or you are no good for anyone else.

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Self image and better sex.

share the same sentiment! :)

I want to be one of the world’s most famous porn star ever.

Originally Posted by spinning
share the same sentiment! :)

Maybe it is because you live where I grew up :)

~~ start: 7 1/2" x 5 3/4" ~~ current: 8 1/2+" x 6 1/2+" ~~ goal: 10" x 7" ~~ gains: around 1" EBPL ~1" EG ~~



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