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White patches

White patches

I have started to develop some white “scar-looking” patches on the underside of my shaft near the base. My routine is all manual and not very intense. 2 days on 1 off- jelqing and stretching 10 min. each on day 1, and 15 min. each on day 2. Is this normal and what could cause this?

Could just be the marks of the skin stretching, happens to me with my routine also and ive been doing it for 4 months. I stopped getting them when i took a break for a little, but i also stopped growing. When I have the small little white spots, I am seeing gains.

There usually small little white dots that look kinda dry correct? If so, yah I think a lot of people get those.

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

Forgot to add that the patches seem to be more pronounced while erect, and all but disappear when flaccid. Meaning- I can still see where they were, but, when flaccid would just seem to qualify as slight discoloration

Thanks for the reply. Apparrently, I was adding the additional info while you were replying. That’s pretty much exacty what I’m experiencing. I have three white spots roughly 1/8”x 1/8”. I would never had noticed (being on the underside), but, as I have taken a sabbatical from measuring, I’ve been compensating by really checking the old boy out.

You’ve eased my mind, thanks!


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