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Which way is your cable clamp locked in?


Which way is your cable clamp locked in?

I originally slapped on my cable clamp randomly not caring the direction the braces are closed at. Then I felt some discomfort so I started having it so the screw locking part is on the bottom side of my penis, and the locking closing part is on the top side of my penis. Lately I’ve switched to sideways locking and noticing much bigger ballooning in my penis. Any thoughts on this?

thirdrock: One of the really cool things about theses clamps is the shape they are in when they are partially closed. The partially closed CableClamp is almost the exact shape of the penis, kind of triangular with the broader part at the top, if you put the screw at the bottom. Then when the clamp is closed all the way most of the pressure is applied to the tougher sides of the tunica sparing the sensitive dorsal nerve bundle and dorsal vein. Also the spongy tissue along the bottom side is somewhat untouched as well, unless you get loose skin caught in the pinch. Always clamp with the screw down with the thumb latch on the right if you are right handed left if you’re a Southpaw. I find the perfect wrap is the old TheraP magnetic wrist wrap with the magnets removed. Never throw away a mag-wrap. The more wear they get the better they work with the clamps.

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^^ Yeah, what he said. I always put the screw down when I clamp. To me it actually feels the most comfortable and gives me the best “lock”.


I’m having a little trouble understanding this- so lets use pics- should be easier. do you use A or B? BG- are you saying use A?

I use the B configuration because if I use A I don’t get enough constriction to get a good “pump” with position B I also prewrap in very thin pipe insulation and double clamp- but I also only clamp at most 2 10 minute sessions a day but while clamped it looks like my penis is much more engorged than during a non clamped hard on- so much so that the head has very little give. the only major drawback is it seems pretty dented at the base after the session but the next time I get a hard on it’s pretty uniform.


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Big Girtha and Room to grow-

will you weigh in on th clamp pics (no actual penis in the pic) I’m a little concerned I may be doing it an unhealthy way but I don’t ever do it to the point of pain…

others input is greatly appreciated as well.

Also, Stub: In case you are still here, the pipe insulation is too spongy. Use the mag-wrap. The second picture puts all the force on the dorsal nerve bundle. This is very bad, don’t do this.

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I’ve been doing it the same way as stubby. I’ll try your way tonight, Girtha.


I don’t use a wrap I use the cable clamp raw. I only clamp once for about 10-15 minutes. I am not a big believer in the 60 minute exercises. I also only clamp about twice a week and can’t recall a week where I’ve ever clamped more than four times in seven days. I go very light but the results make me very happy. My flaccid girth I notice is getting real big. Every time I clamp now my penis gets girthier when I have the clamp on. No real measureable change in girth but I feel a big difference. Girth is hard to measure.

I can’t imagine clamping against bare skin. But I have a lot of skin. Perhaps if you clamp around the scrotum, still I would think the pinch factor would be maddening. And I don’t know where you heard about clamping for 60 minutes, but in my book that’s a quick way to become a eunuch.

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I’ve heard of people on here doing 10 or 15 minutes three sets at a time, or somewhere upwards of 30 mins a day.

Did it your way, Girtha. Everything is good except I’m developing the donut effect. Do you know anything about it?


Just bought two clamps from Home Depot this weekend. Large and Medium sized… One looked too big the other too small. Thanks for the tips on putting it on.

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Sorry, it’s been a while since I checked this thread. Stubby, I also use the “a” method. As BG pointed out, the “b” method will end up hurting you before long. Too much pressure where the nerves run.

thirdrock, I did 3 sets of 5-10 minutes depending on the condition of “Pudge”.


Hi guys.

I’ve been clamping for around 3 or so weeks now, and I’m really noticing some fantastic PI’s. I’m very happy with my results so far as girth has been so difficult for me. I won’t measure for another 2 or 3 weeks, so I can’t give specifics on how much I’ve gained…but I am certain that I have gained.

But, I’m a little worried. I have been using the “b” method as described above and I’m worried about causing an injury. Could someone explain a bit more about the detrimental effects of using this method. I get a huge expansion this way, much more so than with the “a” method. But, if it’s damaging nerves…I need to find a way to change things. What is the dorsal nerve bundle responsible for? Where is it located? What will clamping in this position do?

Any info is greatly appreciated.


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