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Which Kegel

Which Kegel

I’ve been doing Kegels on and off for about two years. One thing I’ve found is that I can do them higher (so they would make my dick move when it is hard) or in the middle( so the movement/feeling is more behind the bottom of my dick and top of my balls) or lower (so the movement/feeling is in my lower balls but not yet to my ass) and still be doing what is the written definition of a kegel. I think when I started gaining in strength down there it was in the middle based on how many I could do before I got tired. But then I thought that the high ones had to be the best because that is where the ejaculate comes from. But since I found this board, and found out about “inner penis” and things, I’m not sure. Does this make any sense to anyone? Does anyone know the best one to do?

Whichever one feels the best?

Werner Ashford has mentioned a tailbone orgasm that sounds a lot like what I’ve found and what you seem to be experiencing with Kegeling. By holding it hard (like the top of a weightlifting movement) I can feel this pleasurable tingle between my ass and “taint” that seems to curl up my spine- verypleasurable but no ejac.

I find when jelqing that moving it around seems to help some with circulation…easy kegel then a full blown clamp down.


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