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Which is the way to kegel

Which is the way to kegel

Is it better to do kegels when you are hard or flaccid? & Is it better to do rapid contractions or to hold them & then let go? I have tried to strength the bc muscle alot, but every time I do kegels when I’m flaccid I feel like I’m getting no. I do feel the muscle contract, but I havent noticed any real strength being gained. Any sugestions?

You should start doing sets of fifty holding them for five seconds each. YOu should initially notice increased ejaculatory power. Peace

I found 50 for 5 seconds in one sitting wasn’t possible, I found I felt fatigued, so I moved to 50 rapid kegels and am trying to build-up the hold period.

I don’t tend to count how many I do, just when I have a spare few minutes at the computer or watching the telly, I do them. I try to ensure I feel the kegel at the front of the penis, but also around the anus area.

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I like to start with some rapid kegels: 1 sec on, 1 off. I will do that for 20 sec. Then increase the duration of successive kegels by ~10 sec each time. You should be able to get up to 2 minutes. A good kegel workout makes me sore right above the perineum.

EDIT: Oh, and erect or flaccid, it doesn’t matter.

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I like to mix it up. I’ll do erect kegels a few times a week, and flaccid kegels a few times a week.

I do two sets of the following routine:

10 5 second kegels
10-20 2 second kegels
25-35 1 second kegels

After two sets of that, I do a few “long” kegels where I just hold for as long as I can.

Hope this helps.

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I just wanted to mention something which I think is good.

When you have a bath, ensure the water is over your groin. Get and erection and then try kegeling against the weight of the water so your unit pops out. Another alternative is to place a wet towel over an erection and kegel.

I guess both will help develop the muscle, because of the resistance you are putting on the muscle.

Simple ideas, easily done in the bath, but useful I guess?

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Similar to the bath water (but probably not as effective), try getting a boner whilst in bed and then holding a contraction for as long as you can with the weight of a duvet or blanket on it.

Back to the original question, I always do it hard. I can’t really feel it too well when I’m flaccid.

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Ruz, here is a thread with something similar in mind: Amazing Isometrics. Seems effective but I have yet to try it out.

I kegel both ways, but more flaccid because I can do it anywhere and nobody will be any wiser.

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