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Which IR lamp color is best?

Which IR lamp color is best?

Hey guys. Simple question. Preferably answered by those who actually have experience with heating their units with IR lamps. I went to the store, and they had a red IR bulb and a clear IR bulb, both 250watts. Which one should I get?

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How can an infa “red” bulb be clear? I would go red. Open the shades at night and you might attract a little attention.

The infra red wavelenth is actually out of our visual range, so either one will suffice. I think they have the red ones for breeding houses so they can keep the chicks warm without making them think it’s daytime.


Yes, the color spectrums are the same. The red bulb is just easier on the eyes, so it’s personal preference here. That bright white light can get pretty blinding and annoying after a while, so I tend to prefer the red one.

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