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where's the growth?

where's the growth?

i have been peing for about 2 months and I have grown about 1/4 in or so in length and some in girth ( i don’t remember the measurment, but its not very much). Why am I not gaining now? I have had the same length and girth since about the end of the first month. How can I gain faster? Am I on a plateau?


also, my dick curves to the left… how can I fix that?

1/4” in 2 months is good progress, everyone grows differently - some quickly, others slowly.

The fact that you haven’t gained in the last month is not something to worry about necessarily, it could be that you are setting yourself up for future gains. That said, its very easy to get bored and simply not perform as good a workout. Thats where hanging scores over other methods :)

If you are jelqing are your strokes speeding up, is it becoming more like masturbation with less obvious extention during a workout. I measure at the end of each session to see that I am at least getting the same after session hang as before.

As your penis gets used to excercises you have to increase the intensity, with hanging you have to up your max weight if you aren’t feeling it anymore and with jelqing you have to increase the intensity progressively.

Its unlikely that you are at a plateau already.

Slight curves to the left may be correctable with pumping, stretching and jelqing against the direction of the curve. There are lots of threads about this. This thread has some links to good threads.

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