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Where will PE be in a year?

“Treat this shit like Fight Club”.

The first rule of PE is, you do not talk about PE. The second rule of PE is, you do not talk about PE.

People are always asking me if I know Bib.

How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never hung?

After jelqing , everthing around you gets the volume turned down.

I am Memento’s complete lack of surprise.

Wow, Prickle’s right.

I absolutely agree with the above posters! The analogy to fight club is perfect! As much as I absolutely love this site, I will never refer anyone I think, it just adds to the competition out there, especially if you’re referring friends.

I don’t think of it as a competition between guys who know and the average sized population, but then again I’m married. So far, my wife likes the additional size, but you’d think that most women preferred smaller than average after reading the following.…&threadid=11505

Originally posted by MDC
I don't think of it as a competition between guys who know and the average sized population, but then again I'm married. So far, my wife likes the additional size, but you'd think that most women preferred smaller than average after reading the following.…&threadid=11505

the one that talked about the vibrator gave me wood :D

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

I liked the one that said “Don’t try anything stupid” You mean like hanging steel weights from your dick? Yeah, don’t do that.

*adds another couple pounds to my bib* :chuckle:

Originally posted by tps
I liked the one that said “Don't try anything stupid” You mean like hanging steel weights from your dick? Yeah, don't do that.

*adds another couple pounds to my bib* :chuckle:

hahahahaha, good one

*squeezes mid-shaft till head of penis explodes*

PE predictions

I was working around the house today thinking about this particular thread and came up with some possible future scenarios — some serious, some silly. These are in rough chronological order of future occurance (although perhaps none of them will occur at all). Maybe y’all have some more.

Infomercials for a PE device or program start appearing on television. (The PE pills are already being promoted in infomercials and 30 second ads, so I assume ads for devices or programs are already in the works.)

Tabloids “out” a famous celebrity for practicing PE. He denies it, but the rumor spreads and PE Internet sites suddenly get a huge spike in hits.

Stories on natural PE appear in the general media. Articles in the macho mags like Maxim and FHM poke fun of the PE “subculture,” portraying all PE-ers as insecure, obsessed men who couldn’t get laid regardless of penis size. Men’s Health, Muscle and Fitness and other male focused lifestyle magazines run articles that are skeptical but include some positive points about PE.

Male body dysmorphic disorder becomes a more mainstream topic of discussion, similar to anorexia among women. Psychologists talk about how obsession over penis size among young men is a source of reduced self-esteem, depression and other disorders. Societal soul searching ensues over whether the whole “size does matter” thing is causing millions of young men to worry too much about their size. Oprah and Dr. Phil do shows on it.

“Scare stories” appear about men permanently injuring their penises from PE. The medical establishment takes a position firmly against PE, citing stories of adolescent boys almost yanking their penises off. (Jelkoid talked about this earlier in this thread.)

Jerry Springer or some other daytime talk show host does a show about a couple that split up because the female wanted a man with a larger penis. She is awe struck when the old boyfriend walks on stage nude sporting a much larger cock. Howard Stern devotes several shows to the topic, and admits he practices PE himself.

A high school teacher gets caught and fired for evangelizing about PE to his young male students.

PE coaches” begin to market their services, initially through classified ads in the back of alternative newspapers. Hoping to fend off government regulation, the specialty organizes itself and creates an accreditation process by which a person can become a certified Penis Improvement and Strengthening Specialist.

Bills are introduced in Congress and Bible-Belt state legislatures to make the sale or promotion of a PE device or program to a minor a crime.

A medical device company will develop, patent and, if necessary, seek FDA approval for an enlargement device that would be prescribed by doctors.

Commercials for the “Penis Club for Men” appear on television.

Natural PE becomes a subspecialty among urologists.

Penis enlargement kits are sold at Costco and Walmart.

PE lounges appear at airports and shopping malls where men can go hang or use a mechanical jelqing device.

A maker of a legitimately effective PE device becomes a household name, goes public, sells stock and even sponsors NASCAR teams, college bowl games and the naming of sports facilities. The conglomerate that is formed from the merger of Microsoft, Exxon, News Corp., Citigroup, GM, Starbucks, and the Peoples Republic of China attempts to buy out him out. The stock price soars.

PE Magazine” enjoys brisk sales at newsstands around the world. DLD, or at least his midsection, appears on the cover of the first issue.


Now it´s july 2003.

Are more and more people registering here?

Is PE getting more and more mainstream?

When I searched I only found one

book that dealt with penis enlargement exercises…….why?

Doesn´t almost every guy want a bigger unit?


Thunders has at least doubled in size, it has out grown it’s server twice and now is buying it’s own server. The amount of members and visitors on at any given time has also more than doubled.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Do you know approximately how many visitors come here every day?



That´s a lot!!!

Strange that so few people post anything.

Thanks for your help.

I´ve been going through so many threads already about

PE and where it will be in the future. It seems that no one

has a clue.

I´m new to this myself and I recently discovered the power

of these techniques.

Obviously one becomes a bit obsessed about this stuff.

Well, time will tell.

OK - here are my thoughts:

(1) most guys are too chicken to [a] admit that they are unsatisfied, or [b] willing to try to do anything about it

(2) most women are unwilling to or reluctant to tell their men (married, etc) that they really do not feel sexually satisfied in the area of size [my wife has NEVER said that she feels dissatisfied, but…].

(3) we are still, as someone pointed out, a fairly sexually repressed culture here in the USofA, unlike our Asian & European cousins - despite the high number of porn sites and sexual “crimes” noted, we are an “asexual culture” - and will likely remain so.

(4) as long as churches continue to preach against healthy sexual expression, and continue to make people feel guilty about being sexual persons, we are going to be a rather “closed” circle (and as a Pastor, I am one of the few that I know of who is very willing to affirm for people that their sexual nature is part of the WHOLE PERSON).

(5) basically men are LAZY and even if they had the inclination to make “improvements” in their size, stamina and so forth, most wouldn’t anyway, and

(6) those of us who both recognize that we CAN “improve,” and CHOOSE TO DO SO, are really few and far between. I look at the men in my church who have “let themselves go” physically, and see their joints failing, diabetes popping up becasue of crappy diet and poor weight control, heart and prostate problems, and so forth, and have decided that as I near my nid-century mark I AIN’T gonna end up there.

As long as there are sites like ours here, and DLD’s and PE FORUMS, and the rest, and there are those of us who REALLY want to improve, then this will be a “going concern.” Fortunately, as someone pointed out, most of the hits here are VISITORS who do not join - and for my “money,” so much the better -

‘nuff sed


"Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if treason prosper, none dare call it treason." - Harrington



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