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Where might Uli be?


Now we know where all the cow pussy comes from!

You can't kill ideas with bullets!


You are the namesake father of this Clan of Cocksman.

What other details can you give us about the whereabouts of Uli? Why did he split? Is this all just pure legend?

Any info at all about Saint Uli?


Are his gains now considered bullshit here? What’s the speculation on him these days? What are your own personal thoughts on the validity of his gains?

On a side note: What about aristocane? Any comments on that guy?

Aristocane is definitely for real. From his pictures it’s obvious he had done heavy PE.

Who knows about Uli. Uli’s definitely work as an exercise, but the gains he claimed are outrageous. He probably measured incorrectly or exaggerated, but who knows. Not really worth discussion, since he never posted pictures or anything.

I think Uli’s claims were “out there”.

And aristocane took some photos of a pumped up cock and convinced a few guys that he had a lot of gains in an attempt to con people into paying to join his PE site that didn’t quite materialize.

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It’s disheartening to hear that your idols (Uli) may have been full of crap.

So, I PROMISE to achieve some incredible gains, photograph and post, and re-instill some confidence here.

How about Big Girth and xlmagnum? Please tell me those guys are the real deal.

vagabund there’s plenty of great gainers here that take pics, don’t be disheartened. :)

I mean 9 inch girth? How can you make that claim and NOT take pics?

You don’t need to gain 3 inches girth in order to be a successful PE’r. The thing is gaining 3 inches in length or girth doesn’t seem to be impossible if you are extremely dedicated, but more so if you start at 4 inch girth and got to 7. It seems the more you get towards freakishy large size, the harder it is to gain. 9 inches being the mark for length and 7 inches being the mark for girth (or maybe 6.5?). It’s really far fetched to believe the gains, if you are over 9 inch length or 7 inch girth, that’s why pics are necessary. It’s like if someone here posted and said they were 8 feet tall. You need to see it to believe it.

I don’t remember Big Girtha’s measurements but in my opinion xlmagnum is legit.


Thanks for the vote of confidence. The thing is, I would never WANT gains of that level anyway.

I’m already 7.7 x 5.6. My goal is to hit 8.5-9 x 6.5-7. I’m fairly confident of being able to achieve that. It’s just that hearing about those massive gainers generated a nice thought: “Hell, if they made 3+ x 3+ gains, I should be able to do ~1 x ~1 easy!”

You’ve already put on an inch in length I see.


Damn I’ve been at 5 inches around and would be happy to get 5.25 myself:p


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