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Where is your penis girth thickest at?

Where is your penis girth thickest at?

Like the question asks what is the thickest part of your penis? What do you report?


I’m probably around 5 inches if not a little bit more at the base of my penis but around 4.5 to 4.75 inches with the rest of it. Would that mean i’m 5 in girth or 4.5-4.75?


Just measured yesterday. I am 6” at base, 5.95 at midshaft and 5.35 at the glans. Just looking at it my midshaft looks bigger than the rest.

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Base 5.9” at the base, now 5.8” mid shaft.

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Base is about 3/4” thicker than my mid shaft, which is thicker than my top. This bums me out because I have above average and dare I say large base size but it seems to be wasted way down there.

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Just kidding. Midshaft.


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