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Where is the chat room


Originally Posted by 17ml

Are you kidding me?

I couldn’t think of anything better than having a chat room to sit and talk with you guys about stuff.

I think it would bring us closer together you can all tell me where you live, and I can come round in my penis enlargementmobil, and we can “hang out”.

I’ve been looking for real friends for some time.

No but really, I find you guys company amusing, your like small clowns, and I could pick you out of the chat room and play with you any time I was bored.

Could we organise a chat room? I could help I’m good with website chat rooms, I’ve made loads, IF the admin didn’t want the work or cost.

I know it’s a long shot with the big guy, he’s always so busy, so maybe if anyone else felt the same and we got a nod from the big cheese, we might be able to muster a small damp little seedy 3 x 4 metre chat room, even if just a link to an external place, as long as everyone knew they could join.

What you think?

I’m not giving you a nod for anything 17. If you want to open a chat room, go for it. As long as you don’t represent it as a “Thunder’s Place” chat room.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
So you did feel right at home there then. Funny that I don’t ever remember you being a participant, so I am not sure how much your opinion is worth.

You are right it was awesome.

The server is straining under the load of so many threads pining over its absence.

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Is there really a need for a chat room with so many sub forums? Plus, the ‘say anything you want thread’ serves the same purpose.

Grow yourself a whopper, then tell her to fuck off.

Well I think it’s a shame it isn’t here Any present.

I think it would be awesome, and at the moment we have so many new members.

For someone like me, I would be online almost every hour, so for things like contacting other members in a room instead of taking up more bandwidth of forum space would be great.

I’m going to look into a chat room, and maybe if ThunderSS says it’s ok, I might be able to get a sticky on the forum with a direct link.

You never know, though the big banana is a ruthless enforcer of this online world of PE, he has proved to me to be an open minded very polite and intelligent human being.


Love you boss.

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What would you chat about?

Posting about my penis and talking directly about it are two different things in my opinion.

I’d be worried it’d become one of those ultra-lame anime chatrooms that you find in like dedicated bleach or naturo websites *shudders*.

Just an example,

This is totally free and easy, and only people with the url can join, it’s not childish and is kind of smart, as for the look though, that’s something all together different, but I’m sure a few of us could have a good chat here every now and again, I’ve found loads of places so it’s a matter of what everyone likes.

Check it out and see for yourselves.


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