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Where do I go from there?

Where do I go from there?

By “there” I mean when my current routine stops producing gains. It’s something I want to think about and plan right now, because I like to be organized. I’ve been doing the newbie routine since September 8th and it’s still working for me. I’ve added in V-Stretches already and I find them to be very useful.

Veterans.. when my penis gets used to the manual stretching to the point where I am not gaining any more length, what new exercises would be beneficial to add in along with the V-Stretches? I’ve been thinking about hanging but I don’t know if I want to or not. (Don’t want a bigger penis bad enough to risk not being able to use it anymore) Would it be essential to hang in the future for more length?

I’ll continue to jelq as long as I PE, but I feel like these manual stretches aren’t going to keep adding length forever.

I know this seems like a typical newbie question that will probably be asked three more times in the next hour or so but it’s not like that. I’m looking for the PERSONAL experiences of veterans. I’ve read about lots of different types of exercises.. now what has worked best for you?

Depends, are you satisfied? If you’re satisfied with what you have then you should look for a method of retaining what you’ve gained thus far. If you’re not satisfied you’ll need to move to something a little more intense i.e. hanging clamping power-jelqing etc. The second part of that answer is obiviously only correct if you’ve exhausted all the possible gains from the routine you’re on now.

All sorts of variations exist to let you mix it up with the n00b routine should you so choose in as much as all the various manual routines are outgroths of the newbie routine.

As far as hanging goes I believe that if you are organized and have good self monitoring skills it is one of the safest forms of PE in that you can precisely and consistently control all variables. If you have the time and the privacy as well as the afore mentioned traits then hanging is well worth considering if and when manual methods stop producing results.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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hanging clamping power-jelqing

But not all at once or your penis will explode.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


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