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Where did it go

Where did it go

My last NBP measurement was around 5.9-5.95” with the ruler. Today I was bored and had an erection, so I measured with my tape, and it kept coming out between 5.6-5.75”. Where the hell did that .2” go? I know I didn’t loose it.

I have a few theories of what happened here:

1)I jacked off about five times this weekend, that is never good for counting size.

2)Different measuring tool. I usually use ruler. The tape may be less accurate, since it is both harder to stay erect and harder to use.

3)Maybe my wood wasn’t as hard as usual? It felt normal and when I held it out to measure it stayed the same, but maybe it just couldn’t stay at it’s peak with the tape measuring?

4)My diet was pretty well all weekend, up until around an hour before I started measuring. I downed a bag of chips.

No matter what, this is strange and I am sure has happened to others. I am not sure if I made this to get answers or to give them, but I find this very odd(this isn’t the first time this has happened)

Did this ever happen to you and what do you guys think?

Changing from a ruler to a tape is the cause.

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To measure NBP, I think most people press their schlong against the ruler, which is pretty hard to do with a soft tape measure. Pressing the ruler to the curve can add some length to your NBP (not a lot though.)

The only other thing I can think of is — check the tape measure. I’ve come across brand name rulers that are out by 1/16” across a 6” length before. And especially don’t trust any soft tape measure without checking it against another ruler, especially the Dollar-Store kind! Sometimes the manufacturing method leaves them inaccurate.

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I think theories 1 through 3 are all contributers to your measurement disappointment. Theory 4, the bag of chips, didn’t affect your dick.

I can relate because I am almost exactly the same size, about 5.9 nbp. I measure all the time to see if I have finally reached that all important 6 mark, and unfortunately, I very often find I have gone temporarily backwards.

It is important to use the same ruler each time, not a tape for length because there are too many ways to introduce variation. And erection strength has a lot to do with it. I think my dick deflates a little every time it sees the ruler coming, just to piss me off.

#4 could have contributed to a fat pad maybe?

Originally Posted by seyz
#4 could have contributed to a fat pad maybe?

In an hour?

Maybe changing your avatar would help you cut back on the jacking off? She should be #5 on your list. She’d get my vote as the culprit.


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