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where can you get theraband from?

where can you get theraband from?

went to grocery stores etc but i cant seem to find them. What kind of places sell these??


I found Theraband at the medical supply store.

You might consider telling us what state/country your from under location.

Good luck.


Later . . LS

im from seattle..


Just post Seattle next to location to the left of your reply. For instance, I’m from Texas.
Later, Nost

Later . . LS

Hi Mixwell. First, take some time to read and comply with the Forum Guidelines, particularly the Style and Language section.

Now, you came to the right place, because I’m actually going to tell you exactly where to go in Seattle…

You know where Northgate Mall is? Go to Olympic Sports, on Roosevelt Ave. — the east side of the Mall. Smile at the cute chick who’s probably standing around the cash register and walk downstairs. Proceed roughly 15 feet across the room to all the weight stuff in the middle. There will be several white boxes full of Theraband right there. Use the scissors and the tape measure to cut off at least two feet, or more if you like. (I actually exercise with the stuff. It’s good for stretching.) I’m using the gray band, which is the strongest they have there I believe. I think it cost me 79 cents a foot.

There may be someplace else in town to get it, but I know they have lots of it at Olympic Sports.

Welcome to the Forum, Mixwell.

Oh, and remember to pay for the band on your way out.


Thanks for the reply. I live pretty close to northgate mall, so i wont have a hard time getting there. And thanks for the welcome to the forum. I learned a lot reading posts and decided that i want to contribute. Dont worry, ill pay for it :)


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