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where can I get a ballzinger?

where can I get a ballzinger?

Any of you guys tell me where I can buy one of these Ballzinger things?

thanks as ever guys

cheers bud, but £70 seems mighty expensive!! are there any cheaper vendors on the net?


This design is popular

- Penis workshop

and not exactly difficult to put together yourself.

Originally Posted by wondering if…
cheers bud, but £70 seems mighty expensive!! are there any cheaper vendors on the net?


The member Supra from Peforum and MOS sells them for cheaper than that. You can PM him at either forum. He also has instructions for building your own.

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Here’s a little info on where to get the parts in the UK.

Why pay someone a lot of money for something you can put together for a few dollars or 2 cents:

A $.02 Ball Zinger

Personally I still don’t see how someone could benefit from the zinging through their penis and scrotum. I think you can get the same effects from wearing a moderate tight wrap or a loose cockring. Also look how much the ballzinger/rop design differs from the original blakoedesign, the blakoering has a little bit of metal and the ballzinger/rop a shitload of metal although both are supposed to work hmmm maybe the amount of metal doesn’t matter?

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