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Where Can I Find This Clamp?


Where Can I Find This Clamp?

I found a device (on Xtube) that I’d like to build, but cannot find a source for the clamp that I have pictured here in the attached photo.

The clamp appears to be German in origin (cannot read all the writing on the label), but the important part is the screw mechanism. All the ones I have found in the US are pretty much a standard radiator-clamp screw (which won’t work for this project) or in the plumbing department at Home Depot (which is not right as well).

If I could read the entire label in the photo, perhaps I could do a search. The bar code yielded no answers either. Any ideas on sources?

Many thanks for your help.


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Yes, I checked McMasters-Carr. They sure have a lot of clamps, but nothing like this one.

The closest they have in design are all miniatures, and don’t have the rubber insert. The one in my photo is 52-56 mm (2-2.2 inches) adjustable.

I was surprised the bar code did not turn up some sort of description on Google. Are bar codes country-specific, or universal?


I recognize that clamp, take the picture to your local BMW dealer parts Department, they should be able find it.

I wish I could remember or find that specific clamp, but if you take that picture to any German car parts Department they should be able to help. Now, I do believe it is an early model (70’s model) BMW part even though it does not have the BMW Roundel on the label.

I found a similar, non rubber insert, all metal clamp at ABA.

Thanks to you both.

Highrise: The problem with the one you linked to is the inner diameter is so small. The one I need is adjustable, between 2 and 2-1/4 inches (52-56 mm).

I may try the local BMW dealer. Thanks for the suggestions.


Thunder: The Chinese one you linked to looks almost identical to the one in my photo. They have 52-56 mm, too.

The problem is, they are selling quantities of 50. Looks like I’d have 49 left over. :)

At least I know it exists.


Do you have a BAP Auto Parts in your area? That is if BAP is still in business. ;)

I think they are and they would be cheaper than a BMW dealer if they carried the clamp.

Or you could send that Chinese site an email and ask for a sample.

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I don’t think I have seen a BAP Auto Parts store in a very long time. There’s no listing the the local yellow pages under auto parts, either. There’s a lot of BMW dealers, though.

I may try to email the Chinese site.

Thanks again,

Yup, that’s where I recognize it from . For hanging suspended coolant piping from ceilings. You could also go to your local refrigeration contractor and check.

But the original picture is probably “just” a hose clamp.

regards, mgus

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Everybody has been talking about this clamp a lot but what I would like to know is what kind of device you are trying to make?

I second the motion, Maurizio.

Post a link Damfino, or a picture.


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