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Where Can I Find This Clamp?


Thanks for all your help! I had found the hanger on another site, but the bolt/screw mechanism was just a push-through rod with a clip that captured the rod when it was pushed through (not sure what that type of fastener is called, although it’s used on a lot of automobile interiors).

The device I want to make is essentially a hands- free masturbation device. I can’t post any links or photos of it is use in this thread, but if you are really that curious, there is a user called doggyfan_be on Xtube that was my inspiration. I thought the completed device might have some PE benefits. :)

Anyhow, here are some more photos of parts needed, and the completed device in use (with the offending body parts removed).

If I still have an account here after I post these photos, feel free to ask any follow-up questions.


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Thanks for the link, Taxi04. That’s the exact clamp I need, but it appears they only sell in quantities of 50. I only need one.


Ring-007 is a helluva scary picture.

Can anyone say “The return of the penis-snatchers from outer space!” ??

(Saturday Night Live, 1984 or so)

regards, mgus

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