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Where Are All The Hardgainers?

Originally Posted by SimonClass

Do you try hanging?

I don’t have the time or privacy at this point to engage in an effective hanging schedule. But I will give it a serious campaign before I retire from PE.

Hey Miggel!

I might be a hard gainer, I am not going to even measure till I hit the 6 month mark. I am happy for, but still cringe, when someone posts that they got a 1/2 gain in a month or 2. I am still and inch-worm when flaccid, but continue to hope for the day…

I figure if I make it 6 months, and gain little or nothing, that I wont be so disappointed so as to stop, and I’ll continue due to force of habit, as opposed to measuring once a month.

While the “gaining” posts keep me motivated, “hard gaining” posts ike your keep me motivated knowing there are others that gain at their own pace.


I havent expected so much replies. This makes me feel less lonely.

What am I currently doing?
After my 4 weeks break I am back in 2 day on 1 day off jelq routine. Around 45 minutes, jelq and ulis and horses. Semi erect; is the best shape to wring your unit.

My comments to some other PE ways:
Hanging: Had some problems with the wrapping. Moreover, I have less privacy at the moment. And, I forgot it almost to mention: My ligs are too intelligent. They adapt quickly to any amount of stress; no matter in which direction you stress. Kacke!

3 to 6 hours per day you hung: My opinion which comes from my experience is that no matter how long you hang by day, if you do not feel anything than you do all more or less in vain.


P.S.: My LOT is very low: Around 7:00

Mig, i did feel fatigue at which point i’d drop down in weight an continue hanging, i just cudnt seem to gain no matter what.




I just can’t understand how you consider yourself a hard gainer. Have you taken a look at what the rest of us consider to be hard gainers…many of us have gained less than .5 inches in our first year. If I gained half as much as you have, the last thing I would call myself would be a hard gainer. Be proud, you have exceptional gains…you are the opposite of a hard gainer. Regained lost size, 1/2 inch in 13 months, blah blah blah…you have gained a shitload.

Originally Posted by rushmore

I just can’t understand how you consider yourself a hard gainer. Have you taken a look at what the rest of us consider to be hard gainers…many of us have gained less than .5 inches in our first year. If I gained half as much as you have, the last thing I would call myself would be a hard gainer. Be proud, you have exceptional gains…you are the opposite of a hard gainer. Regained lost size, 1/2 inch in 13 months, blah blah blah…you have gained a shitload.

>>”…many of us have gained less than .5 inches in our first year.”
Did you forget I’ve been at PE for almost 2 years? (23 months, actually). If you take my total “gain,” that only breaks down to an average of 0.8” per year. If you factor out the regained size, then it’s only 0.61” per year - is that really much more than 0.5” per year???

In fact, I’ve grown only 0.71” in the past 18 months (and 0.22” of that came in the first 3 weeks after a long layoff). Prior to that layoff, I had gained only 0.49” in about 14-15 months.

So, yes, I’m a hard gainer - a very hard gainer. The only thing that came easily/quickly for me was girth….which I was not looking for actually.

In the whole year 2003 I was an easy gainer length and girthwise. This year it all stopped except for a little bit of extra girth on the top and at the base. I haven’t had any real gains in 6 months so I’m now officially a hardgainer because I did kept on PE’ing. 2 months ago I started hanging SO to focus on enlarging my tunica and to prevent anymore skinstretching. Last week I even started hanging at a 45 degree upward angle and combined it with erect bending in between hanging sets. I don’t know if this will work to break my plateau but I do know it’s good to find and focus on your limiting factor which in my case is my septum and combine 2 or more exercises to target your bottleneck in different ways.

My bpel always fluctuates and being a hardgainer now it may take me more than 2 months to even see results.

My advice is to find your limiting factor ligs/tunica/septum and concentrate on that area combining several exercises and keep at it for 1-2 months.

You could ask yourself if you were hanging correctly and/or using enough weight and/or hanging long enough. The same applies for your stretcher use.

Also regular measuring could help by determining if your routine is working for you by spotting tiny temporal gains.

I realize that we’re not going to keep gaining indefinitely, but my “honeymoon period” was quite brief (< 1/2 year). After that it was very slow-going.

We all have different starting sizes, obviously, and different growth potential. As each of us nears his theoretical potential, the gains become tougher and tougher. This is true with all physical endeavors. In theory, it’s doubtful that anybody ever realizes 100% of their true genetic potential (some have certainly come close). But what happens is, the nearer we move towards our potential, the tougher gains become. We have to keep experimenting, tweaking so much, etc. Eventually, discouragement settles in or, in the case of an athlete, their best years are suddenly behind them.

If I had gained 1.5” my first year, but then only 0.5” my 2nd year, I sure would not consider myself a “hard gainer” - I would simply recognize that I was nearing my growth ceiling. My 1st 6 months of weight training, I averaged an extra 20 lbs per month on my bench press - and that was by doing some shit routine. Then, the next 3 months, about 17 lbs per month (I added 170 lbs to my bench in only 9-9.5 months). But the next 50 lbs took me 10 months (only 5 lbs per month) - and that was on a drastically improved routine. After that, I went on to add another 35 lbs total - in about 16 months (just over 2 lbs per month) - and that was with so much experimentation, special exercises, extreme dedication, etc.

PE is similar. Many guys, like myself, made some quick gains on moderate stretches & jelqs - every other day - for the first several months. Then nothing. Where we go from there depends on our approach - and our own genetic limits. Since we’re talking about such a relatively small part of our bodies, I think there is less margin for error with PE. You’re either working the willy too hard (traumatizing the tissues & perhaps hardening the tunica) or you’re just spinning your wheels (not reaching fatigue). Also, you might be training too frequently or not frequently enough. Or, you might not be training smartly (too much lig work with a very low LOT, or too much tunica work with a very high LOT). Etc., etc., etc.

I believe that a lot of how much we gain depends on our mental approach. Analyze your situation, gather feedback & pay attention to your body. Also, you have to have the courage/discipline to take strategic layoffs - and not just for 2 or 3 weeks. I believe that if we tenaciously apply this strategy (LOT-based training, monitoring gains, experimenting with training frequency, duration & intensity, strategic breaks of 2-4 months for deconditioning of tunica & connective tissues, etc.), I think we can maximize our gains and come as close as possible to our theoretical limits - given enough time with such an approach.


So what I have learned from all the posted answers here is the fact that…
… first of all, there are some hard gainers out there.

… second: A lot of you hard gainers have modified your routines to overcome plateaus.
Parameters: Time totally invested to PE per week (more or less), PE every day or one day on and one off, …, only jelquing, or jelquing and stretching, or only stretching + hanging, than a modification of the times dedicated to jelq and stretching per day (30% stretch + 70% jelq —> 30% jelq + 70% stretch).
So now I know what people here on Thunders mean when they say that as a PEer you have to be “open for experiments, listen to your body, be intelligent concerning your future routines, “… that sounded all a bit mystical to me. (I did not quote it word by word but at least the sense must be clear.)
In the end it is just modifications of the parameters listed above.

… thirdly: ok, thirdly is not sth that I have learned from here but sth that I am going to do in the future, … (if you agree.!!!!!!)
Currently I am doing only jelqs. (Normal jelqs+horses). 45 mins per day, two days on, one day off. QUESTION: How important/good do you think is it to implement manual stretches? I am not a fan of hanging but manual stretches seems ok for me. (I feel an extreme stretch when I pull out my unit during a jelq session.)
I plan to switch from two days on, one day off, to one on and one off. Dont know why! LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! But I am not sure what it says. At least it says that I have a weaker erection after the second day jelq routine. (Can not hinder myself from masturbating after the session.)
Also, I have experienced, so that was something what my body told me, that jelquing at 50-70% erect status is best (for me). More % makes you feel that you wring a rope made of steel.
And in the end, I will not stuck stupidly at the 45 min mark but I will also change the time invested per day to PE. Maybe sometimes only 20 min - especially good when you are in a bad mood - but then, when you are very enthusiastic, I will go up to 60 or 70 mins.

Guys, have I well understood you? Is it that what ought to be done?

Finally: How important is the use of hot wraps before and after the session? Does this accelerate the appearance of possible gains?


I’m definitely in this grouping. Although I spend less than an hour a day, I’ve had some pretty intense months and know my limits. I’ve been at this since early January and haven’t seen any gains…..bummer. I’ve backed off to stretches, power Jelqs and kegals with a good warmup. I take weekends off and I no longer hang (got a little too intense). So far I haven’t seen a mm in gain but I’m giving it the ole college try….I’m measureing and changing my routine each 8 week cycle. Getting ready to try something new……

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"


I forgot to ask if you’re trying for length or girth. I assumed length, but going back and reading your posts it wasn’t quite clear.

Hot wraps will help loosen up the tissues before a workout. It helps to prevent injury as the tissues will have a bit more “flex” to them. A lot of guys say that hot wraps take off the edge and help them fatigue faster.

Awaiting your response now…


I know I’m in this group! I have been on and off since 5/2000 and for the last year steady as a clock and I might have a 1/2” total to show for it whoopee dooo.I got every pe toy or tool out there and still frustration. I just wish I was a fraction as lucky with gains as most of you, it is not from not trying or doing I will tell you that. Good luck to Miggelodeon.

Also a lot of hard gainers are gone and never to be heard of as well.

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

I’m a hard gainer also. I’ve done a jelq/manual strech routine for
about 6 months and switched to hanging for the last 5 with nothing to show.
I have a low LOT (7:30) and I’m curious if all the hard gainers also have a
LOT of less than 9.

My erections improved, even my erection angle raised a bit, but
curiously bpel stayed the same, even with stronger erections. Same with
girth. I know it’s not a measuring error because I BP very hard - and the
same 2 ruler marks to 5” are still not there.

I’ve been reading the board religiously for the past couple of months to see if there’s
something that us hard gainers have in common.


A hard gainer here with a LOT of 7.

Jelqing and pumping gave 0.25” BPEL increase and 0.2” girth in 9 months. A change to hanging gave 0.25” in 3 months with a small loss in girth, now nothing for 3 months.

As Piet said it’s hard to get a handle on growth when the increase can be hidden by variations in erection level. So you can’t get reliable feedback on whether a routine is better or worse.

More intensity, more rest, change in routine, maybe V-stretches or Titan-Flex bends to increase local stress on the tunica? Who knows.


principally I am only looking for length. But if girth gains also show up, simulataneously, I would not be too disappointed.

My LOT is less than 8. I would say around 7.
Maybe this is sth that hard gainers have in common.

Currently I work out less, but with more efficiency. Means, I try too listen more too my unit. Hopefully I do understand it. :-)


P.S.: Thanks for all your replies hard gainers. It is said that “bad news run fast”. But here on Thunders it is the other way round. Most of the people here wait until they have encountered gains. For hard gainers this can last very long.


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