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When you uli....

When you uli....

I’ve just started them, do you release your grip strength at all when you let your grip slide back down the shaft away from the head or keep it tight?

I really should know but in the diagrams it doesn’t say or in the video.

Please help guys, thanks.

Come on guys just one answer, it only needs to be a few words please.

I let my grip slide back but just a little or else you will lose all the blood accumulated in your shaft/head

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Don’t cut back on grip strength. Just slide it back a bit.


Since we are on the subject, I have another quick question. When you slide the grip up, how long do you hold before you slide it back a little? Or does it matter? Then how long do you wait before you slide it back up? Or, again, does it matter?


I’m not the most experience since I’ve just added it to my routine but I push my grip up a little, hold for a second, push further - hold another second, push further - hold another second, then maybe once more if my dick feels like it can take it, otherwise I slide back to the bottom and leave it there for about 3 seconds. I then release my grip very slightly and kegel hard so no blood flows back but rather more goes into the shaft and start again immediately. I do this 5 times then rest for about 30 seconds before repeating.

Sound ok? Any tips?

That sounds like a plan. Thanks ste4301. I’m doing them a little less intense than that, but very close. I am just starting them so I don’t want to overdo it.


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