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When you excercise run does your penis get cold turtle


Originally Posted by bluspeedo
It happens to me also. I play Ice hockey and it is always shrivelled after the game. Its been this way as long as I can remember, my whole life. It has to do with the blood requirements by the heart when exercising.

This always happens to me. I actually avoided playing team sports because of it. Does this generally happen to everyone on the team?

During exercise your heart requires the blood. All guys get smaller, its totally normal. The better shape your in and the faster you cool down the quicker your cock will go back to normal.

When you are in your zone. Your penis will be more engorged after vigourous physical activity.

As long as you haven’t over done it..

If your turtelling during physical activity, you are not working near your optimal level.

My whole package goes into flight mode when I am working out. My balls suck up, and my dick turtles away into its shell. I am of the belief that this is a normal protective reaction to physical stress. It takes a good hot shower and about half an hour to get things back to normal.


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