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When to start back up the LOT scale

When to start back up the LOT scale

A quick question and any input would be greatly appreciated. I am one of the ones who did not gain for more than a year because I was trying to attack the ligs when I should have been concentratinng on the tunica due to my low LOT(about 6:30). Now after about 2 months + of OTS hanging I have gained a little more than 1/2 inch in FBPSL and my LOT is at about 8:30 now. At what LOT would it be advisable to start attacking the Ligs again? I am thinking about waiting to see if I can get my LOT up to 10 and then attack the ligs again. If the theory is correct(crosses fingers) then I may be able to see more gains from the Ligs. I am also hoping that since I was fruitlessly hanging BTC for that time when I was not gaining that perhaps there is potential in the ligs for easier gains using less weight then I was hanging with at the time(about 18-20 pounds).

Any thoughts??


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Not sure about this but I was told anything above 7 stetch the ligs. Mine is 8 and I was told to stay with ligs until I hit 7.

I´m no expert but I would wonder whether your LOT has been “permanently” raised. I don´t know, perhaps it has, in which case congratulations because the theory would point to you have some new inner penis to get out there. However, some people have said that they can temporarily raise their LOT´s by doing tunica stretches.

Why don´t you try a few JAI´s or equivalent and see if you notice a big drop off?


Sounds like a good plan. Congratulations on the gains. Keep us up to date.


Question for Bib- At what lot do you recommend changing from lig to tunica?

I was told 7 but maybe this is incorrect since you agreed with Sappy1 going back up to 10.

I am at 8 right now and unsure which to do. Thanks CL


>At what lot do you recommend changing from lig to tunica?<

I would say between 7-8:00 will put most guys in the ballpark.

You can also palpate, from the side, in the lig, pubic bone area, see where the shaft exits under the pubic bone, and notice whether it goes up or down. If it goes up, work on the ligs, if it is level or goes down, work on the tunica.


Thanks Bib- Not quite sure I understood but I will look.

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