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When to measure?

When to measure?

My measuring day is fast approaching (on the 23rd) and I’m trying to schedule my PE to not affect my measurements. I’m thinking about not PE’ing on the 22nd, then measuring on the 23rd right before my nightly PE workout. I’m hoping this will prevent me from seeing any exaggerated measurements.

I haven’t officially measured since last month on the 23rd, and it’s killing me. My dick looks and feels much bigger, but it will be nice to confirm with the ruler. Hopefully it’s not all in my mind.

So I have two questions; 1) Does everyone else generally take a day off before measuring and 2) How often do you measure?

I try not to measure more than once a month, though it’s hard not to. And I try and take at least one full day off before I measure.

So if monday is my day off (my last workout was sunday) I try and measure right before my next workout on tuesday.

Does anyone else take a day off before measuring?

I usually do that too.

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Why torment yourself like that? You should measure whenever you feel like it. If you feel it’s bigger don’t you want to know the exact size to see if you have gained?

Personally I measure couple of times a day and take the average. I like to keep track of the exact current size and I sometimes just want to know the direct effects of certain exercises. I kinda love to see how my erect dick crawls up the ruler when I try to make it as hard as possible.

I take at least two days off, preferably 3-5, before taking “official” measurements. This allows any residual fluid buildup to dissipate and gives my dick some time to recover, usually resulting in a stronger erection.

I’ve been checking BPFSL during and after every workout lately. I’m trying to determine whether different heating methods, order of hanging positions, etc. affect how much or how quickly my dick lengthens during a workout.

There’s a ruler handy if I ever want to measure. FWIW, it’s when you don’t measure that your penis actually grows! :p

I usually see almost 1/4 inch change in length depending on the erection. Even a charging 2 0clock erection could be a quarter inch shorter than if I get a super erection like in the mornings.

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so is PE

I measure my BPSL a couple times thru my stretch routine and my BPEL whenever I am really hard and have a ruler nearby.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’m going to use Hobby’s suggestion and take 2 full days off to allow for any residual fluid buildup to dissipate.

Originally posted by Piet

Why torment yourself like that? You should measure whenever you feel like it. If you feel it's bigger don't you want to know the exact size to see if you have gained?

I do measure every once in awhile when my dick looks exceptionally big, but I like to have at least one “official” measurement a month that I know isn’t inflated because of a recent PE workout.

I usually measure after a day after th PE

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