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When should I hang?

When should I hang?

I’ve been PE’ing for about a week now and I was wondering if I should hang. I kept reading all this sites that were telling me “Hanging would damage nerve endings” So I thought that I shouldn’t, but then I read that the Bib hanger didn’t do that and was comfortable. I also heard people saying things that hanging is probably the best thing for length with the Jelq exercise. But then I read another post saying that you shouldn’t hang right when you start PE.

So my question is this, When should people start hanging? 2 weeks? 1 month? 3 months? A year?

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Ive been peeing for a while now and never thought that I would hang, but now I think when I hit my plateau Ill start.

Im going to PE for atleast another six months though B4 I start hangin’, but I might make my purchase sooner.


Heck of an interesting topic.

First, you have to realize a lot of guys simply are not set up to hang, or their privacy time is limited etc. Others find a way to make the time at a later date. Some do not need to hang to reach their goals.

I began hanging with a loop type hanger almost immediately. Quickly realized the problems with that and started working on better means. Then, my gains started almost at the beginning, so I was not about to change to anything else.

>But then I read another post saying that you shouldn’t hang right when you start PE. <

In many cases, I think this is true. In some cases not. It depends on several things I can think of. First are the dimensions of your penis. Especially if you need length, and girth is ok, you don’t want to add any more girth by jelqing before you try to get your length.

Also, if your schedule and lifestyle are conducive to hanging, you might want to start fairly early. If you have a lot of private time, where you are working at a computer or watching TV, you can get in a lot of PE by putting on the weight.

Just about everyone can produce the amount of force needed to get some gains in the beginning. Of course, problems do occur because of too high internal blood pressure, etc.. But overall, you can learn a lot and get used to how various stresses react in your body. However, their are guys that cannot generate the stresses needed manually to impact their tissues.

So far, no one has reported any serious injuries with hanging other than Forge. He was using a loop type device and had a bend. None with the Bib so far. But that does not mean it could not happen today or tomorrow. If it does, more than likely it will be a new hanger.

One of the problems I worry about with these things is they might be too comfortable. A lot of guys lately have been talking about the number of pounds hung with a limited amount of experience and conditioning. This worries me. Someone who has never PEed, who begins hanging and is up to twenty pounds in a month is not being very careful. They are the best judge of what they are feeling, but it worries me.

If a new PEer could start hanging with a couple of pounds, and then go up one or two pounds per week while he learned HOW to hang, it might be ok. During this time, he could read everything on both forums about hanging and know what he was about. It seems that is not the norm. Guys like to get to their max weight as quickly as possible. Hell, I hung 7.5-10 pounds for a long time (a few months), simply because I could not hang any more than that. But a lot of that was because my hanger was not very comfortable. Might have saved me.

With the manual techniques, you do have more immediate control over the stress you apply. You can’t quantify the stress, but you can stop it immediately.

My suggestion is to try the manual techniques. Learn everything you can about PE while you are trying things. Then, when you feel comfortable, if you want to try to hang, start slow and move up slowly. It is not a race. But it is an individual thing. Nobody can tell you one week, one month, or six months. It depends on you, and your situation.


Why not (if you can)

Bib is the expert here, but my 2¢…hanging is what I learned about before any of this stuff existed on the web, and long before I’d heard of jelq or other ideas. With a homemade loop I could only get to about 6 pounds (built up to it over several weeks), but in four months (140 hours) that was good for 1.25”. No warmups, no stretches, just weights 10-20 minutes on, 10-15 minutes off; one hour hang time AM and PM.

I wish I hung from the begining I think it fine as long as your careful

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When you see “names” like Bib and Tom Hubbard in the same thread, you get all sentimental. Like in the good old times.


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