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When pressed for time ... do you ...

When pressed for time ... do you ...

When I’m training and I’m pressed for time I have the philosophy that something is better than nothing. So I’ll do a shorter workout.

Today I’m pressed for time with my PE routine, so I just did a quick warm up/down, a few stretches and 5 mins of jelq? All the time I was trying to decide if its best to miss the day or do what you can, when you can and use the opportunities that come your way. I’m of the opinion (same as my other training) that something is better than nothing. I look forward to hearing what you guys think and do…


I think it depends on what your training and PIs have been like. I think that a little bit is better than nothing. It would stop any possibility of loss of gains, keep the ligs stretched, etc. But if you had been doing 2 heavy training days and your EQ was down a little bit, the extra day off could help. I notice too many days off, while my routine is going well, results in a smaller flaccid hang, so I try to stay on schedule each week.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

Final Goal: 8EL x 6.2


Thanks, my question comes straight from your reply. I have been reading and looking how much time you guys take off to ensure proper recovery and a healthy penis. I’ve been thinking about building in 3 days each month as some others do and a decon break. I still reading around this EQ factor too. I’d had 2 days off over the weekend and was due to start again today, but today has been time critical all day.


I take the exact same philosophy when it comes to P.E. and fitness. Exercise tends to be easier because no matter what I get up early and do a good 30 Minute session of cardio/bodyweight outside but when it comes to P.E. if I have a workout scheduled and something comes up I either shorten it which in my opinion can help as I see it being active recovery, or I push it to later in the day before I go to sleep. Every step forward takes you closer to ending your journey.

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"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

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