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When is "it" done growing?

When is "it" done growing?

Hello there!

Well i’m 18 years old now and i wondered if anyone knows when the penis is done growing (without exercises ofcourse :)
I’ve heard 20 years from a sexual educator a couple of years ago.

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probably 16-20. It’s difficult to say because there is always anomolies in statistics, for example, a 16 year old could have not gone through puberty as much as another 16 year old would and this may lower the bar a bit. when infact most 16 year olds could possess the penis of someone years later and not grow another mm/cm.

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My dick stopped growing (on its own) when I was 16.
Lived with a 5 1/2 incher until I found PE.
Currently at 6 1/2 inches ebpl. Expect I have ended the newbie gains and have to decondition my dick so that I can continue gaining or I may be done. Having it at its max length. Time with tell.

If you haven’t done PE before, read all the materials in the resource section and view the tutorials before starting. All newbie, including me, tried to start too fast, wanted gains to come too quickly, and ended up hurting themselves. Go slow!!


I’ve often wondered whether mine has ever started to grow properly :(

I’m now 20 but about 3” flaccid, 5”ish EL and 5.25” EG. It causes me massive confidence problems for me and serious depression. Hopefully PE will start to make a difference.


By the time I was 15 my length was done.But my girth continued to grow until about 22 I think.If we PE right maybe it will never quit growing !

Lexington Steel grew from 9” to 11” in late college i think

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