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When i was a boyscout in 80`s he did PE


Outside of who invented PE, or where it originated, where did you guys learn about it? and will you pass it on to your sons?

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Originally Posted by Dangle
Outside of who invented PE, or where it originated, where did you guys learn about it? and will you pass it on to your sons?

I had gotten all the spam advertising penis enlargement, and had seen natural PE stuff but thought it was all a scam. While googling on ED treatment, I came across a PDA page from Thunders. I went to the homepage and watched the videos. The more I read, the more I was convinced and started doing PE.

I have only one son who’s a teenager. Unlike me, he’s rather modest and inhibited. I can initiate conversations about sex, but PE would be a bit “over the edge” for him at this point. Maybe later on, sometime. In the meantime, I have other friends (middle aged like me; one in his twenties) that know I’m doing PE. Only one is really interested in possibly doing it himself. If I had a son who I knew was “under-endowed” (a very relative term, I know), I might talk to him about it, regardless. Hopefully if my own son ever has any ED problems, he’ll be old enough by that time to discover PE on his own. I’ll probably be so old myself that he’ll have to help me put my dentures in to clearly articulate the benefits of PE :) .

Originally Posted by Northpole
When i was a 10yo boyscout in the middle of the 80`s, I remember one sleep over on a camp.
There was about five guys sleeping in the same room, and all had sleeping bags.
One 16yo guy was doing something inside the sleeping bag, then one other asked him; hey what the hell are you doing there.
He answered; I am stressing my dick…
I really had no idea of what they were talking about until now. The 16yo guy was doing some PE of course.
How is it possible that he knew about PE in the middle of the 80`s? There was no Internet, and this happened in FINLAND.
This guy had a big bro who was about 20yo, I think he had learned it from him.

Amazing. Secret PE society of the boy scouts :)

So northpole, did the scout just say “Jag stressar min kuk” (I’m stressing the cock). In swedish, that sounds really bizarre, but I can relate to him. But “stressar min kuk” sounds really f*cked up. I would say “Jag tränar kuken” (I train my dick) if someone would see me, but I reckon that’s just me. Training the dick makes me associate with building muscles and make physical gains anyway.

Anyway, PE has probably been around the world for a long time, even in Sweden or Finland.

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