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When Growth Occurs


When Growth Occurs

We all know that when bodybuilding, the muscles grow while at rest, not during the exercise.

What about the penis?

I happen to believe that the penis grows during exercise, not during rest. This means you must get your penis it’s biggest during each and every workout, and keep it there, every single workout. Like stretching earlobes… people use gradually larger and larger plugs to stretch their ears at all times. I think if you just manually tugged or pumped your ears for an hour then left them alone for the rest of the day, they would not grow. I believe the penis is the same. Granted, the cock is a much more complex organ, but for some reason, I believe the same principle applies.

Sucks, doesn’t it? Because if it’s true, that means that growing your dick entails a lot more work than I thought.

Anyone care to add?

Extended periods of exericse are the very basis of lig work. If you want to get decent gains from hanging most hangers agree you need at least 45 per day.

However jelqing and other girth related penis expercises working the inside tissues of the organ require sufficient periods of rest. Although I believe that the “growth” occurs during the actual workout, the exercisies can be quite taxing on your unit so heal time is vital.

Yes it does take a lot of work, but not an extreme amount to see modest gains, at least not at first. Once you do start to see some growth it usually pushes you to work harder.

LM, some peoplee do all day stretching (ADS).

Any more people wanna comment on this idea of penis growth occuring during exercise, rather than during rest time?

If we can understand or figure out which one it is, then we could greatly maximize our results and our time spent working out.

I completely understand that giving a tired, sore and depleted penis a break from time to time is definitely a neccessity, but if we could figure out when penis growth occurs, we can make the most out of the whole PE experience.

To me, it seems to make the most sense that penis growth happens DURING the workout… so if that’s the case, then we must always go for the maximum size we can get each time we work out. We must always try to “out-do” the last time, or “parlay” the gains from our last session into the next session, and keep building on that.

I believe that rest is a neccessity, but I also think that the longer you rest, the more of a chance you are giving your penis to revert back to it’s original size and shape. This train of thought can also lead to extreme paranoia that the second you stop exercising, your cock will shrink. That is not a very good way to think.

As far as ADS’s and stuff… I don’t think they are very practical if you expect to leave the house at all. I mean, really, how good of a stretch are you gonna get under clothing? Or working a physical job? Unless you are in your house all day and can be naked at all times, ADS-type shit ain’t really worth it. Let’s not even talk about comfort, either.

The concept makes total sense though. Just like an earlobe… I think you gotta stretch your dick a lot to keep it long, and keep it growing longer. I don’t believe that the penis is like your muscles… it won’t “remember” that it was, say, 8” long last night and that it must grow to that length in order to adapt. I have a hard time believing that. I can’t “trust” my dick to grow during my rest-time.

Maybe, just maybe, girth gains are another story and behave somewhat like your muscles, but I don’t know about that. I don’t think my dick will “remember” that it was thicker yesterday… I have to keep “reminding” it… keep engorging it… stretching it out like a rubber ballon… “train” it to be that big.

Please don’t let me carry this thread by myself.

What do you guys think of my ideas? I can’t be the only one who has thought this. This is not just a “Is Rest Time Good Or Bad”-thing… I’m trying to sort of unlock a secret here.

I know that a lot of guys have made good gains with very little or infrequent work….but how permanent are those gains, anyway? If this theory is true… that penis growth occurs during your workout… then that would mean a lot of dudes are undertrained and need more frequent sessions, not harder ones. Like, the longer you can keep your dick that one inch bigger than it is normally, the more of a chance you’ll have of making that one inch stick…. then it’s on to the next inch and so on. Like a rubberband, you stretch it out (or expand it) so far that it could never “snap back” to it’s old size. Hey, it might require stretching and expanding your cock a lot more often throughout the day, but if it works??? Who wouldn’t wanna try it? I know I’m trying already and it’s a lot of work.

So c’mon everybody… think out loud.

I have a problem with taking rest breaks. I really believe that you must constantly “remind” your dick what you are doing to it. I am currently doing girth work 6 out of 7 days of the week. The only thing that sucks is that the discolouration is bad.

Yeah man, FUCK discoloration. It sucks when a chick notices THAT before she notices how big your dick is, then you can’t really tell her what it’s from ‘cause you don’t wanna give away your secrets, but then she’ll just think you’ve got a fucking disease and won’t suck you off anyway. If a chick sees anything strange going on down there, it doesn’t matter what you say….she’ll get spooked like you’ve got something… especially if your dick looks bruised and not just darker than normal.

No matter how much warming up and going slow I do, discoloration can’t be avoided. The only way to make it lessen or avoid getting it is to stop PEing… and FUCK that.

I couldn’t care less about length, but as far as girth is concerned, I don’t see your theory having any pragmatic applicability. Less intensity, frequent sessions are exemplified perfectly by wrapping for girth, and people who do that don’t seem to have any more gains than people doing other excersizes. The problem I usually see with people’s theories is that there are too many examples that refute them.

I think that there are just too many factors for us to figure out what we need to do at this point, at least as far as girth is concerned. I’ve read a ton of posts of people gaining but if all things aren’t taken into account—how hard you squeeze for how long, how much discoloration there is, what erection level you use, your diet, how much water you drink, how much your wang shrivels up afterwards—it’s hard to see what makes hard gainers different from easy gainers.

I think we really need this information to further our study of PE and make it more of a science like body building. You would feel short-changed if you went to a body building site and someone said they gained 15 pounds of muscle in two weeks doing bench press and squats for 30 minutes. You’d wonder what did he eat, what supplements did he take, how many reps, how far down did he take it, how much water did he drink, how much of a break did he take in between sets.

Anyway, I have been here all of a month and a half and have already read about 30 theories and to why and how we gain. I see no end to it until we focus more on details and have enough information to really see patterns and we can form theories from that. More polls, more detailed posts, more self-awareness when PEing. And hats off to the people in the supplements folder and especially the “why gains slow” thread for taking initiative and trying to further our understanding of what we are actually doing.

I can’t really say I’m sticking to a “theory” or anything. Sometimes I wonder if growth happens during exercise or during rest hours, that’s all.

I think PE might be more personal than bodybuilding. You’ve got plenty of people with trash diets who make good gains, and then there’s others who drink wheatgrass juice and jog every day making no gains at all.

Here’s something…

Does PE actually create more MEAT (new cells) on your cock, or do you think it just stretches out already existing penile tissue? Like in bodybuilding, how some muscle fibers just get thicker while others increase in number when size is gained.

I remember Bib saying something about feeling like his cock got more meatier than it was before…. like new flesh was grown there… as opposed to just his existing penile tissue stretching out.

I think the real problem with figuring PE out is that we THINK about it too much when it’s really the excersizes that count. I don’t know if there really are any secrets… the proof is in doing it.

Actually in bodybuilding, you are born with all the muscle cells you are going to have. You just increase the size of them.

Really? I remember learning in school that depending on what type of muscle it is, you either increase the thickness of each fiber, or increase the number of total fibers… like basically creating brand new fibers.

Eh… if I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

Exercise creates potential. Growth (or lack of) occurs during repair. For me it’s about managing that repair in a growth direction rather than re-enforcing stasis.

I would highly recomment the book “advanced enlargement” by Dr Kevin Pezzi. He covers far to much stuff for me to even write about in a week of posting, but if you really want some answers then that’s a good place to start.

Connective tissue is visco-elastic, meaning it continues to extend (creep) as time goes by when subjected to a constant load. Compare this to steel, which almost immediately stretches as far is it ever will as soon as a load is applied.

This means you will grow during an exercise, but the growth will be merely visco-elastic; it is not caused by deposits of new collagen, cell growth, or cell division. These occur later.

Stress seems to promote tissue growth along the axis of the stress. New collagen fibers are produced, and the fibers tend to align in the direction of the applied stress.

Originally Posted by Shiver
I would highly recomment the book “advanced enlargement” by Dr Kevin Pezzi.

I have his “Science of Sex” book, he’s got a new one? Care to provide a link?

Thanks in advance.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

The link is right at the end of the book just before the index. It gives a Paypal link but that doesn’t work. I sent the money via paypal to the same email address, and emailed him informing him that I had done so at the same time. I got a personal reply with the book emailed in under 24hrs, which isn’t bad considering the different time zones.

I should add that this link is in the latest version of the “Science of Sex” book. (I was on v486 and the latest is v979), there’s quite a lot of additional information in the latter, and lifetime upgrades for both books are free. So if you upgrade the SoS book for free then you’ll definately have the link you need for the Advanced Enlargement book.

Originally Posted by Philadelph
Actually in bodybuilding, you are born with all the muscle cells you are going to have. You just increase the size of them.

Yeah, you´re right. You can´t get more cells. In bodybuilding some people cannot get “big” muscles, but that doesn´t mean that they are weak…there is somekind of a limit in the size of cells.

I´ve been eating some nutritional supplements (Vitamins, proteins…and stuff like that) and I think that they have helped me to gain more and I have more energy.
Actually I started to do streching (PE) often, because I think that you´ve to strech a lot if you want to get longer. It´s like muscle streching…I guess

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