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When erect my head isn't that full need a little help.


Originally Posted by Mick
Should this basically be my regular erect girth size, or is the cock ring making it even bigger?

I’ve read all the threads on this topic, and I strongly believe that what you’re experiencing is normal. There may be a few lucky guys whose glans and CS become highly engorged easily, but this is not the way most guys’ anatomy works.

Originally Posted by Mick
I’m definitely considering seeing a urologist, I would love to get constant erections where my head was really full.

I would love it if my glans became super-full and hard (like the CC) on its own, too, but I highly doubt that any urologist would consider its failure to do so a “problem” worth investigating. If your CC are getting very hard, then you have a normal, well-functioning erection. If you can enhance your erection further with a ring, a clamp, or an ED drug, then awesome, but this is enhancement, not the correction of a medical issue.

Well neither of us know this for sure, and why not see a urologist? Maybe I have a leaky valve, maybe not. If so I would definitely like to know and correct it.

Well, if you go to a urologist, please post in this thread again to let us know what he thinks. My understanding is that even if there is a leaky valve, docs tend not to do the surgery to correct it anymore, but I could be wrong. Be sure to update us! I’d love to have a hard glans if possible. :up:

I’d love to go now and get it checked, and actually one of the reasons I’m not is because of discolouration, I’m a bit embarrassed about it. If it weren’t for that I’d probably make an appointment right now.

Actually that’s something else I’ll report on. I’m considering going to a laser hair removal clinic and getting one of their discolouration treatments, but again there’s the embarrassment. I’ve ordered a really expensive cream which apparently works to remove discolouration, I just don’t want to rub a ton of chemicals into my dick. I’ll probably still use it however. It takes about eight weeks to do anything though apparently… so you’ll probably have to wait that long for the leaky valve report and the discolouration report :P.

Oh, and if the doctor said it would give me improved erections but didn’t necessarily recommend it, I’d probably do it anyway. Well if it’s free I’d do it. I live in Canada, but I doubt something like that’s covered, but it’s possible.

I had surgery to correct a vein which was leaking blood from the glans. I knew I had a problem, since my glans had no sensitivity, and I could not maintain an erection without pressing down on the vein to block it off.

Now, my glans still remain soft - much softer than the shaft. This is normal! But, they are atleast ‘full’, sensitive and I can keep an erection.

Urologists can’t help you with it, you can try, but they don’t have the tools to help you in my opinion, after talking a lot about it with my urologist.

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