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When does small stop and big begin?

Damn those are some big smallest bigs!

That’s what makes them big! The range of average is a fairly long.

Yep, avarage is from about 5 to about 7 bonepressed. Yes, you read right, bonepressed.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

I think that I’m small. But I’ve had more then one person call me large. I think it is all how you look at it.

It can always get bigger right?

I am told that they look much larger close up

Running a Massive Co-Front.

its seems we are reaching a point in the thread where one might be tempted to say ‘its all relative’.


"Eat Beaver - Save Trees - Simple right?"

I am one.

Its all relative.

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I`m bigger now that I`m 6 7/8” bpel and I still don`t think I`m big at all.

It`s a penis for christ`s sake….

I`m beginning to get over myself, which is what I hoped would have happened through this process.

Most women can`t tell the difference between 7 and 7 1/2” and so I guess I`m potentially big now, but I`m married to a woman who loves my character and the things I do with my life…and her relationship with my dick has always been outright obsessive, no matter what my “actual” size.

And she`s never made any mention of my new inch, which puzzles me frankly.

I want to be big…Can I be big ? Please

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

But I sure do want that extra half inch…..just to be absolutely sure this shit works…..hahahhahaahahahahah!

The border is exactly located at 6.212” - there is no “in between” or any transitional area. You’re incredibly small at 6.211” and enormously huge at 6.212” or 6.213”. :)

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Ya man, I started at and been stuck at 5.3 girth for so long now, but I’m seeing movement lately. But I will be so happy to break that 5.5 girth barier, fuck I’ve been trying for so hard for a while now. I will be able to relax a bit about my size once I break the 5.5, its such a mental mark that damn number.

For me, small stops and big begins when I see an attractive female naked.

Since when is < 6” NBPEL considered small? What world do you guys live in?

Small is:
< 5” NBPEL
< 4.5” AEG

Average is:
5” NBPEL to 6.5” NBPEL
4.5” AEG to 5.5” AEG

Large is:
6.5” NBPEL to 7.5 NBPEL
5.5” AEG to 6.25” AEG

Huge is:
7.5” NBPEL to 9” NBPEL
6.25” AEG to 7” AEG

But it's all relative.

I will be soooo happy when I reach 5.5” :)

Originally Posted by SS4Jelq
IMO, small stops at 6” NBP, and big starts at 7.5” NBP.

Why what do you think G_K?


Pretty much the defining post or so.

Started: NBPEL 5.5 == EG: 5

Current: NBPEL 7.5 == EG: 6

Goal: NBPEL 8 == EG: 6


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