When AdvancingClampingHanging

I won’t be advancing any time soon but say within the next month or by feb would it be safe it I went into advanced methods of PE such as hanging or clamping. Hanging, I am reading about & getting information on but I know nothing about clamping, does anyone have any good threads or sites that I could look at to perhaps help.

My goals are ..

A better errection
To reach 7.5 inches in BPEL
To reach 6 inches in EG

From anyones experience what seems to give better length gains (as that is mainly my priority, it’s where I feel most inadequate although I would also want to work on EG gains)?

Any extra info would be I’m 18, keep fit & healthy and have about a maximum of 1-3 hours per day of private time to PE mon-fri(I’m still at home :( )