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What's you're motivation?

What's you're motivation?

I’m lazy when it comes to PE. I did it only once since I supposebly started. I would like to have a bigger dick but at the same time I really don’t care. All I actually want is just increase in girth and if the lenght increases than it’s all the better.

Anyone else started at over 7” lenght and find it hard to actually get yourself to do PE?

What are some GREAT girth excersises? Maybe if I know that I am working mostly on my girth more instead on lenght I would actually do PE on a regular basis.


-Rational Dreamer

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Well, 6.75 by 6.2 (base girth) 5.9 midshaft, to start. Went pretty quickly to 7.5 x 6.25 midshaft (7.9 bpfsl), and have sporadic commitment. I have a lot of 10:30 so there are plenty of lig gains to get me close to my 9 x 6.5 goal. And I work at home so there’s plenty of hang time availible. Got a hanger recently, but then had to wait for a goodly sized shaving scratch to heal. (Goddamn BIC razors) So now’s the time.

I figure after 3-4 months I’ll be well over 8 and will probably dick around even more. The irony is that I’ve been a fast gainer. I think the reality is that after years of chasing women (and catching more than my share) I’ve lost interest in casual sex and don’t currently have a cul-de-sac in my life, I mean woman in my life, right now to try to peg. Now if that happens and she’s nine inches deep, I’ll probably PE like a man with a purpose. Right now I’m just hanging loose, and not minding it at all.

Erect bends (careful) have been good for girth. I started them because initially I had an relatively pronounced upward curve with a “dorsal lig” (really the CC septum) limiting factor and I wanted to attack it right away. It did add some length, and flatten the curve, but really added girth midshaft quickly. That was a surprise.

Look into LOT theory and Blasters. You might be able to add a quick half inch with only minor increase and adjustment to what you’re already doing. Why pass that up?


If I had your starting measurements, I’d probably be nonchalant about PE, too; in fact, I doubt that I’d even be here. Well, maybe.

For motivation, you really just have to set small goals and make PE a habit. You have to fall into a routine. Getting into the routine during the beginning is tough, but once you get used to it, it’s easier to stick to. I get up every morning an hour earlier to do my exercises. I would love to have that extra one hour to lay in bed, but I set a goal for myself, and something inside drives me to accomplish it.

If you want to work more on girth, I would do some stretching and jelqing for at least 3 months. (Jelqing at 80% erection level) After that, I would add some Horses. Horses are intense, and it’s important that you condition your dick before you start them (through months of stretching and jelqing). Take it slow and stick to a routine, and you might just get those girth gains you want.

On a different note, it sounds like you’re happy with your size: Is PE something you really want to do?

Premature Ejaculation!

You basically have to ask yourself if you want a bigger dick or not. Growing your dick isn’t automatic - it’s an arduous, long term process, so you really need to have a long look at yourself and see if it’s right for you. If you’re lacking motivation, it probably means you’re happy enough with your penis size, which is a cause for celebration.

Your motivation should be that within a few years PE will be common knowledge, and most men will be doing it, so get a headstart!


Buy a pump, keep sitting on your butt and being lazy. Then, whenever you “feel like” making your penis bigger for a little while, you can get up, dig out the pump (breaking a sweat, I know it’s a lot to ask) and pump for a while.

“premature Ejaculation!” never happes to me, as a matter of fact. It alwasy takes me at least 15-20 minutes to cum. I am unable to have a quicky :( And then when I finally do cum my dick stays hard. So I can continue if I want and get another orgasm or call it quits.

However I do have a littlw downward curve that I would love to straighten out. How well do “erect bends” work for this problem? And are there any more excersises to help this little problem?

“Your motivation should be that within a few years PE will be common knowledge, and most men will be doing it, so get a headstart!”

Good Point!!!! I am very competitive and wouldn’t like to be left behind.

As you all know, I’m a new to PE and I am looking to fix a slight downward curve and increase girth, also increase lenght.

Am I being unrealistic by setting a 9”X6.5 ” goal?

Can someone please create a routine for me that takes care of girth, lenght, and my slight upward curve?


-Rational Dreamer

Damn Dude,

What a great rut to be in: starting off way more than average length and girth, keep it going for good length of time and it stays hard for round 2,3…

Are you just here to torment us? Just kidding. But you are about where I hope to end up after a year or two (the sooner the better)

You are sure in a good position to reach the goals you stated. How bad do you want it? This typically takes a lot of time and dedication as stated before. But I’m sure if you get serious you’ll have no problem.

Congrats on your naturally big state.

My motivation is to stay ahead of the game and get to 10”. I started from a good place, so why not go further?

My motivation?

I guess, that I know for a fact vaginas are real stretchy, and I want to grab my girlfriend and FILL ‘ER UP!! “To the max” as they say in extreme everything…

That and also, I guess, I don’t want to dissapoint after kids. I am thinking long term here :D

Probably another (but virtually insignificant compared to the first) reason is that I want to be able to say I am in the 99th percentile for both length and girth (ATM I am only there in length, but far off in girth :( )

MPW…Money, Power, Women. Like Pacino says in Scar Face…”first ya get da munee, den ya get da powerrr, den ya get da women….” Who needs more motivation than that????

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