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What's YOUR perogative

What's YOUR perogative

Just want to hear why some of you are here today..

As for me, it seems to have started with the fact that I am 6’4, and I just never feel content with how I hang. And I have this fetish with making a girl squeal in pain without using my hands/feet/bodily appendages above/below the waist ;)

Anyway, my girlfriend claimed she has been with a 10” guy, but that he was extremely .. skinny. (pencil dick) — It’s the whole territorial issue, 10” to my 7”, made me a little angry/jealous, so I figured, what the hell, I found Thunders Place and, and since then I have been working on a missile to stuff her with so she can explode :)

We all have our individual reasons for being here, but they all boil down to wanting a bigger penis.

Personally, I started off because my “then wife”, now ex-wife, cheated on me with a guy who was bigger then me.

Now, I am back again simply because I want to “Know” beyond any doubt that I have a big penis…..and in my opinion that is 8” X 6+”.


1999: 6" EBPL X 5.25" EG ~ 2001: 7" EBPL X 5.75" EG ~ 2003: 7.25" EBPL X 6" EG

Current (Jan 2013): 7.125 EBPL X 6"EG ~ GOAL = 7+" (anything more is fine) EBPL X 6.5" EG

Well the reason I’m here is just weird but it works for me. I’m married now but when I wasn’t, I had been involved in quite a few threesomes and gang bangs ( me and my buddies). I was always the smaller guy. I guess I don’t want to be small anymore.

The Plumber Starting @ 6.5x5 bpe 12/20/03 Now 7.0"x5-1/8" bpel 1/20/04 Goal @ 8.5x6.5 bpe


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