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What's up with the Penimaster website?

What's up with the Penimaster website?

I’ve been trying to get in contact with them for two weeks trying to get a replacement for a part not working and I’ve had no response. Has anyone else had similar problems with them lately?

I had a part break and they we’re very responsive in replacing it just this week. They asked me for a picture of the broken part and a scan of my original invoice. Here is their email address:

That’s the address I’ve been trying to contact them for the past 2 weeks. They told me to send the an invoice copy but they didn’t give me an address to post it to.

Is there any chance your spam blocker is hiding their E-mails from you?

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Nope I use hotmail and all emails show up regardless of whether their spam or not?

Originally Posted by 1aleem
Nope I use hotmail and all emails show up regardless of whether their spam or not?

You disabled the spam filter? If not check the junk mail folder (though it may be too late, the folder is emptied every few days)

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I simply attached my scanned invoice to the email and sent it to the address I gave you. I did notice that my ISP provider did mark their incoming emails as “Possible Spam”, so it is possible that yours are being blocked.

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