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what's too much girth?


what's too much girth?


I’m just wondering what’s a good size of girth and what’s too much, I’m referring to more oral sex than anything…in my opinion 5” in girth for oral sex is good, but 6” is getting a bit too large, and anything over 6” such as 6.5 is too large, the reason why I’m asking is because I’m 7.1” length and 5.6” in girth but I don’t want to get too large on the girth with PE, so any thoughts or inputs would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


I’m a little over 5” now and no problems at all. Definitely over 6” would be too much for my wife to handle. I think up to 6 ” girth would be OK.

Hiya allen,

Thats something I think about, maybe 5.5” girth would be just right, any more and oral might suffer unless your girls got really good jaw muscles!

Don’t suppose you want to give me some girth do ya? :)


I’ve admittedly sent pics of my now thicker cock to ex g/fs, (although I had not had sex with them), and they loved my 6”+ girth - they were all turned on that I was thicker than before. Plus, with PE - the head tends not to grow as much as the shaft, so oral is still feasible.

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There is no “too wide”. Just ask fatcockla. Unless by oral you mean deep throat as well… If you’re too wide you’ll just end up getting head (literally), like m7point0 said.

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I moved this.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’ve got news for everyone…any girl can take 6+ inches girth and any girl can suck 6+ with no problem.

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It isn’t only girls who can suck 6+, this gay stud can. But I would need to practice for larger girths. A nice, no-problem size for oral is about 5.5, otherwise I prefer thicker cocks. That’s what I’m going for.

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5

..It depends on the size of the pussy I guess. By the time I have a wife and she has had kids then I guess 6EG should be enough for any women.

When it comes to oral, I believe anything over 5.75 equals a tired mouth although i would love to see a girl struggling to fit my dick in her mouth, hehe. LOL

6 inches erect girth is the most popular choice at Thunder’s. If a guy wants a size that is universal for both oral and vaginal (I don’t know if the best girth for anal has been discussed much or not. Perhaps 6 g is good for anal too?) then 6 g seems to be ideal. On the other hand, Kojack10 has studied vaginal size and I believe he says, in general, 7 g is best for vaginal sex. 7g is going to be too thick for oral for many people, so it depends on your priority. For me , oral is very distant second to vaginal so I would prefer to have 7g. Right now though, I would be estatic to make it to 6g.

Hmmm, I’ve got over 6.5 inches of girth and I’ve encountered ”cow pussy”… I’ve never cared that much for bj’s so that is no big loss.. So far most of the girls I’ve nailed seemed to enjoy it and there were only a couple that I couldn’t fuck but they had exceptionally small pussy’s and were both Asian… I think most girls can handle 6+ inches of girth easy but that is just MHO based on my personal experience… Anal seems to be a different story though..


If oral is your thing and you don’t have a long term partner to cater for, then I would suggest settling for a girth no more than 6. You can always increase it later if you settle down with a woman who can clearly handle more in her mouth, but what could you do if you settled down with a woman who ended up giving up on oral because you had already increased your girth passed her limits?

If you have a long term partner, then things are different. If she can’t handle much girth in her mouth then I suggest you don’t gain too much girth and get her to do hundreds of kegels every day to allow her more pleasure in the absence of your dick getting thicker.

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There’s no “perfect size” when it comes to snatch-splitters. Some women might cringe at 7.25 x 5.75, while others would quickly swallow up an 8 x 6+ without a problem.

Some women need 6.5+, even 7 inches. Others don’t want more than 5.5” The same with length. My wife never wants the whole 7.5” sunk, or she flinches then bitches at me later. Other women could take 9”+ and cry for more.

The “perfect size” is the one a particular guy is most happy about, no?

yeah this one girl sucked my dick good about a month ago but she was bigger framed with a bigger mouth and im about 6.75 now no problem.

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