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Whats the girth of a toilet paper roll


Whats the girth of a toilet paper roll

Whats the girth of a toilet paper roll

Diameter is 1-3/4”, so circumference is about 5-1/2”

Depends on the toilet paper roll.

There are some new high-capacity rolls, that have smaller than usual cardboard tubes. I think that standard tubes are probably a fairly consistent diameter, though some cheap brands might cheat by using a larger diameter roll. If you search - which will get you some of the same results as now automatically appear at the bottom of this thread page - it looks like the thread Girth of toilet paper roll shows that most toilet paper rolls run about 5.25” >inside diameter< (outside diameter will be larger, due to the thickness of the roll), which would correspond to the girth of an inserted penis.


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Hmmmm.nice nice. I’ll keep the girth of the toilet paper roll in mind next time I wrap my fingers around it.

Why do you ask? I guess it could be a quick measure of progress if you are close to that girth, but for us skinny guys…

I’ve just measured a ‘standard’ one. The inner circumference is 5.75” and the outer is 6.25”.

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toilet paper roll i measured here with a tape ruler was exactly 16cm, or 6.5 inches

In other words, there is not one standard size.

Just measured one for you guys.

Length 4.5”
Girth 14 1/8”

Wait a minute, you probably mean the cardboard inside of the roll right? Hang on, I’ll check.

Girth 5.5”

Anybody have a clue how much trouble I just got myself into to find this out for you? Someone want to come help me put 1000 sheets back on a roll? :)

My toilet paper rolls (from costco) are 5.5” diameter on the outside. I know for a fact that the rolls I use aren’t larger than that because I can almost squeeze into one after jelqing. Length is about 4.5”. I don’t know where people are getting these 6” numbers. Maybe they’re measuring paper towels…

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Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
Depends on the toilet paper roll.

Yes those from Asia average 4”, in the US I believe it is 5” but down in Jamaica the rolls have a 7” circumference.


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Originally Posted by longwidehard
Yes those from Asia average 4”, in the US I believe it is 5” but down in Jamaica the rolls have a 7” circumference.


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