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Whats the best time of the year for PEing ?

Whats the best time of the year for PEing ?

Its summer time right now in Brazil. I just did a good 30min stretching session and damnit Im literally sweating my ass off. My grip was horrible since my hands got all sweaty. I think next time I will have to turn the A/C on. I cant wait for the winter. Damn I need a shower…

By the way guys January was a terrible month for me, no gains at all and it was getting on my nerves. Some weeks ago I changed the stretching angle and bam! I got a 0.5 cm gain ! Im so happy I think its safe to set a goal to reach 8 inches bone pressed in lenght by the end of summer. More half inch to go !

(Edited : and I also should say that 0.5cm gain coincided with the fact that I started to pump again. Guys you really shouldnt underestimate the powers of pumping)

Best time?

All year round, when poss!

I have had to take forced breaks, and so when I have the opportunity I’m into it, as I never now how long it may last.

When I go back to NZ later in the year, I don’t know how I’m going to manage PE without telling the wife. Now I can do it at work - that will be very different.


Re: Whats the best time of the year for PEing ?

Originally posted by nitro
Its summer time right now in Brazil.

Very jealous of all the big round perfect tan ass walking around Brazil…This alone would keep me Pe’ing all the time…Lucky Guy

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Here in Hawaii where I live there is about an 8 degree (F) temperature diffential, summer to winter. No sweaty palms, Nitro. No air conditioning. We just PE away anytime we like.



I would think spring time, since it is the growing season.

HEHEHEHE… just jokes, I couldn’t resist.


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