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What you can become


What you can become

What you can become
I am an addicted bonsai enthusiast. One of my favorite pass-times is to visit nurseries or garden centers. I usually ask to see the plants that are what most people would call culls or not sellable merchandise.

I recently went to a large nursery to look around. The owner when he found out what i was interested in carried me to a section of juniper plants. Here was a large bunch of plants that had overgrown their pots and were (according to him) not worth selling. He told me if I would haul them off i could have the entire bunch of them. I loaded my truck said thanks and left.

I chose one plant in particular to “bonsai” immediately. The plant was a lowgrowing variety about 10 inches tall but had 2 large limbs which went straight out the side of the plant. I studied the plant for some time and decided to give it a “makeover”. I cut off one of the branches to about 8 inches long. I then repotted the plant at a different angle. Now instead of the plant rising 10 inches and going left and right about 3 ft in each direction it comes up at 45 degree angle making the limb that went straight before now cascade over the side of the pot and continue going downward . I took the part of the branch that was left after cutting it off and carved it to look like a piece of driftwood. With the different angle it now looks as if the top of the tree was struck by lightening or something. After a few reshaping of the branches with some wire I transformed a “worthless” plant into a bonsai worth between $1000.00 and 1500.00.

I understand that I am crazy but I really identify with those left out plants. I understand what its like to be the one not chosen, the one overlooked for promotions when I know I can do a better job than the one chosen,, neglected, cast aside…You get the picture. Just like the juniper i knew that something had to change if I was going to survive. One of the strong branches on the plant had to be sacrificied for the good of the whole plant. We ALL have to make some decisions if we are to succeed in life and definately in pe.

I get pms regularly asking how i make such good gains. Its very simple. I DECIDED TO MAKE THEM! I chose to sacrifice some things to make time for pe to get the gains. I wanted change so badly that for a time i even sacrificied food. I skipped my breaks at work, grabbed a sip of water and did pe in the bathroom.

Bonsai are created (very unsual to find a natural one) by extreme measures. You think the plant enjoyed being cut to pieces? Hell no. But now instead of it dying, which is exactly what was happening in the overgrown state it was in, with a little care it can survive literally 100’s of years. The very first step I take with a plant is to look at it study it from every angle. I picture in my mind what it would look like after I trimmed and pruned it. Then I start to create the image that i have in my mind with the plant.
Same thing is true with pe. Picture what you want your penis to look like. Sounds stupid, but if you can picture it you can grow it or transform it from what it is now to what you want it to become.Sure some of the exercises are extreme. You just need to make up your mind. Are you content to live in a bucket and not enjoying life to the fullest or are you willing to transform yourself into a masterpiece?

I apologize for the lengthy post, but i wanted to paint a word “picture”to make a point


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I found tha great, really intresting, working with bonsai’s must be very calming.

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Mannnn C Guy—That was a beautiful post! The Bonsai-PE analogy was good and illustrates the importance of visualizing your gains and having some mental focus and good attitude. The ability to project forward in to the future and see the desired result is definitely a good thing.

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Oh I thought he was talking about plants—-

Just kidding , great post


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Yes C Guy, that was a wonderful post. You are so right about being able to visualize and bring something to past. I have been having problems in these areas and it is causing me to be a little skeptical about my ability to gain. I need to read this. Thanks for writting it.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Thanks guys.

Almost without fail the main beauty of a bonsai is the point where the trunk of the plant comes forth from the ground. Its important to have a fat trunk, base, or girth at the ground level then taper quickly to the top of the plant.

However, most plants are not naturally that way. They have to be created. In bonsai the term would be a “death leader”. It would be described as a twig or shoot that sprouts very close to the base of the tree. If you are after the fattening of the trunk you would leave it or if not simply rub the growth off with your finger and be done with it. If you leave it , it will cause a larger than normal amount of energy to flow thru that area where it comes off of the plant. Sometimes these are left for several years. When the desired girth is attained you cut the death leader off. Sounds cruel, and is,but you get the desired effect in a short time that possibly you would never attain without performing this maneuver. The scar will heal and you will have a masterpiece.

The bonsai/pe analogy would be…..
There is nothing normal about the exercises that get the serious pe gains just as there is NOTHING normal about seeing a plant with a branch sometimes longer than and even fatter than the rest of the tree. You just need to realize that extreme desires or goals call for extreme methods. I am not advocating taking risks. Safety should always be a priority. If you want the gains you have to #1 have a plan,#2 know how to execute the plan,#3 you have to implement the plan. Knowledge of a plan does not work.Implementing the plan will work. I can not see myself running around forever with 20-30 pounds of weight hanging from my penis,being stuck inside a pump forever, or stretching or jelqing till my arm gets numb. I know with my plan that I Will get the final result. A masterpiece.

You are right. I have not been gaining because I have not been implementing.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.



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Great analogy. You’ve come along way man. Since we first talked, you’ve become very positive in your thinking and actions. Its great reading the changes you’ve made. I hope the positve thinking continues to grow.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

[QUOTE]Originally posted by YGuy
Great analogy. You've come along way man. Since we first talked, you've become very positive in your thinking and actions. Its great reading the changes you've made. I hope the positve thinking continues to grow. [/QUOTE

Thank you YGuy for giving me the motivation, courage and knowledge to know how to execute a plan.

Thanks to ALL YOU GUYS, I’m a masterpeice in the making.

C Guy,

You sir, are welcome on my boat whenever such diversion suits you. You are a Captain among men.

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I’m also into bonsai’s. I did once visit a nursery but it was kinda disappointing seeing so many mass produced overpriced bonsai’s. It’s more fun to create them yourself from a little cutting or an ordinary (house)plant.

The analogy I see is the time it takes to grow a bonsai. I have some for 5-10 years and they keep getting better.

Originally posted by Piet
I'm also into bonsai's. I did once visit a nursery but it was kinda disappointing seeing so many mass produced overpriced bonsai's. It's more fun to create them yourself from a little cutting or an ordinary (house)plant.

The analogy I see is the time it takes to grow a bonsai. I have some for 5-10 years and they keep getting better.

It is a rewarding hobby isn’t it? You are absolutely correct about the overpricing. I don’t even sell mine. They have become almost like family members. Each one has its own personality. Some demand to just gro wildly in all directions kinda like an unruly teenager.

I agree with the time thing as well. However you can trick a bonsai into several years growth in ONE year. Every few months place it in a refrigerator for about a month. Take it out and it thinks its spring again and starts new growth again. You can create a large plant very quickly this way. Same is true with PE, every couple of months I have changed my routine completely and have made great gains. Sometimes its even necessary to take a break for a while, as long as you don’t get lazy and quit.

I don’t mean to throw this thread too far off topic, but the bonsai stuff is interesting. 4 years ago my big apricot tree died (old age combined with borer worms). The Spring it died, probably a hundred new trees sprouted and grew from its dropped pits. That was the only time any of the pits germinated and grew. Kind of strange it happened when the tree died.

Anyway, I dug up a few and potted them. Two are still alive and well, living in 18” pots. They are now 4 years old. I had to repot several times and once cut them way back due to some kind of fungus. They are about 3’ tall.

Can these things be “bonsaied”? I know evergreens are usually used, but is it possible to keep these apricot trees small and healthy for many years? I’ve been tempted to plant one in the ground, but I’m afraid it will die. Fruit trees sold in nurseries here are grafted onto hardier root stock.

You can make a bonsai out of almost anything solong it has a wooden (or just hard) trunk.

You could make or buy a really big pot and place it in/on the ground and plant one of them in it. Then you can make a big bonsai, I think those are easier to keep alive.


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