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What would be the best things to put in a 1 hour-a-day-routine?

What would be the best things to put in a 1 hour-a-day-routine?

Please help me to put togehter an effective routine.

I have at least one hour of time a day to do exercises.

What would be the best i could do??


3 mins warmup
40 mins hang
15 mins jelq
2 mins cool down…….

I personally believe that a set routine wont yield the best results, I say you mix things up occasionally especially as far as stretching goes. Also, I’ve gained well over an inch since September without hanging, I only plan on doing that when I hit a plateau I can’t get myself over. Mostly I’ve been going hard on stretching for about a week, and then going hard on jelqing the next, so maybe consider this…

Week 1
5 min hot wrap
35 min stretching
15 min jelqing
5 min hot wrap

Week 2
5 min hot wrap
15 min stretching
35 min jelqing
5 min hot wrap

The way I understand PE to work, it’s that two factors attribute to growth, now other guys on the board may correct me here, but I think stretching will mainly works the ligaments, and jelqing mainly works spongy stuff inside your penis, while both will work the skin. With this routine, each one gets a hard work out for week at a time, giving the other time to recover before you work it again.

Thank you for your reply, do you think hanging is more effective than stretching manually?

I think after 50 minutes of manual work (stretching + jelqing) my hands are too tired to do this for a long time without lack of motivation…..

Howdy Sandman and SizedUp,

I think that there is not really difference between hanging and stretching if you can hold the stretch long enough. So, stretching is only cheaper and you have to have some experience in order to hold the stretch for several minutes. I think that manual stretching is safer than hanging, because it’s easier to notice (and fix grip etc..) if something isn’t ok. Lately I’ve read many posts that’ve stuck in my mind, where people have gained a lot of length doing only a very intense (=like hour or more/day) stretch routine. That’s what I’m also trying to follow now.

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.

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