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What women want: GIRTH baby GIRTH

Keep up the Growing.

Started: (NOV14) BPEL 5" MEG 4.75" BEG 4.75"

Current: BPEL 6.438 MEG 4.875" BEG 5.25"

Originally Posted by mitchcarter
Keep up the Growing.

Thanks man…! You too. My wife missed her calling in the porn industry with what she can take. I’ve got a ways to go…haha

Just my two cents: I started out with 6.25” MSEG and am currently about 6.5”MSEG and close to 7” around the base. On the bright side, every woman I’ve been with seems to enjoy it and they’ve all commented on it either during or after sex. On the down side, I’ve often found that my partners get a little…tired shall we say…quickly and often want me to finish before I’m ready to. Many have trouble giving me BJs for any extended amount of time which is fine by me because I’ve never really been a fan of BJs. I’ve only had one girl who was even interested in anal, but it never happened, so I can’t really comment on the subject other than to say big girth might be a deterrent. I’d also note that with bigger girth a fair amount of warming up is required and I often have had to enter slowly while she gets used to it as opposed to just getting down to business for a quickie.

Overall though I do like having 6+ girth and my partners reactions have been positive so if girth is what you’re trying to increase, I say go for it.

Starting measurements May 31,2012 BPEL:6.4" MSEG:6.25" Base Girth 6.9" My pics

Short term goal---------------------BPEL: 7" MSEG:6.25"

My thread on the downsides of big girth: Big Girth - The Downside

Thanks for the advice…! I’m glad many women can handle the kind of girth I might get to. Honestly, I’ve been enjoying the girth increases more than the length because I know she can take more girth than length and it just feels bigger between my legs.

I was thinking earlier today about 2 prostitutes who said they didn’t want to have sex with me after we had foreplayed around as my penis was too big for them to take, referring to my thickness.

So it kinda shows you that girth can be too much for some. (My base erect girth is between 6.5 and 7 inches). Another friend of mine who has the same dimensions as my penis near enough, said that this was a problem for him with a girl too.

Also generally speaking about size, it shows me that length can be too long for a woman too. I think we over-myth the power of a huge dick sometimes.

Though on the other hand I have been commended on my thickness by some partners as being a good thing for them. I would complain that I’m not as long as other men but these girls would surprise me by saying “Yeah but it’s the thickness that counts, I like your thickness etc.” which is very reassuring.

July 2014 BPEL - 5 1/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

December 2015 BPEL - 5 3/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)


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