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What to do on off days

What to do on off days

Hi guys,

I just wondering, what did you guys do on off days?. Did you just foget about PE on that day?, did you still do light stretching or light massaging? or did you j/o?.


Traction wrap. There’s never an off day when you can traction wrap.

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Just joking, being goofy. It’s late and I’m bored.

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Thanks for the respond

Hi Hog, whats up?:) I saw you are keep gaining, good work bro.

So, you guys never actually off in your off day?. Deadeye seems to have a nice off days activities:) .

Hmm so, all you can think is stretch,stretch,stretch and stretch:) .

To Stevie31, aren’t off days are ment for the tissue to heal?. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Originally Posted by occa

To Stevie31, aren’t off days are ment for the tissue to heal?. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi occa, yep, you’re absolutely correct: off days are meant for the tissue to heal, and to generally just give your dick a break for a day or two. This is where traction wrapping comes in real handy. By wearing a traction wrap on days off (for length, not girth) you suspend your penis in an elongated state, causing the micro-tears to rebuild to that semi-stretched limit, rather than only having to rebuild to your flaccid limit.

Define or explain traction wrapping please.

Thanks Stevie31,

Noted down what you said, will try to do some reading on traction wrapping:) .


I think on an off day you should engage in as much sexual activity as possible. :D

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