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What time is your full erection?

I always thought 9 o’clock would b the perfect angle to poke :)

10:30 to 11 with morning wood or with my wife.

8:30 to 9 when trying to measure or simply get it up by myself :(
Would be interesting to measure once with full erection.


I would say 9:00 for me.

Originally Posted by spinning
I always thought 9 o’clock would b the perfect angle to poke :)

During sex, the penis - even with an extremely firm erection - has amazing flexibility and tends to curve very seriously upward at the end of a long stroke, as has been shown during MRI pics of couples copulating.

Seems to me someone posted some MRI pics here a long time ago that show this phenomenon.



At 48 mine is a always has been about 11:00 and strait as a board. Since I have been doing PE however, it is now so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it!


What a horrible thought!!!!!!! (cat scratch)

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"Nietzsche is dead"-God

I’m at about 10 or so depending on the level of arousal.


A miserable 11:00 + for me. I would welcome any and all advice from those who have lost slope. The volume theory is totally discounted. If I can not push it down with my hands, a few more ounces of cock is not going to weigh it down.

10:00, or 2:00 depending on which way you are facing, of course. My natural tendency would be to say 2:00, maybe because I am left handed?

I have a slight upward curve.

To me pointing up is better than pointing straight perpendicular to the body. (Because of the G spot consideration and also the appearance of being so hard you are defying gravity.)

I keep reading that those who don’t have it pointing to 11 say that it would be good for hitting the g-spot, and those who do have it pointing that high say it hurts their partner.

Mine points to 11 o’clock.


For me, it is not really an issue of hurting my partner. It’s just that so many positions are not possible. Also, if I slip out, I have to stop because re-insertion is not possible. I can tell by the girls’ reactions that it is out of the ordinary.

It’s probably around 10 for me.

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Right around 9:00. Maybe 10:00 with a hard kegal.

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8:30 standing.

Around 11:00


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