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what the hell are uli's, horse squeezes, and 440's

what the hell are uli's, horse squeezes, and 440's

Please explain to me or tell me where I can get the answer to the question— What the hell are Uli’s, Horse Squeezes, and 440’s?

Try this:

A Newbie Primer

Read, read, and read. You’ll be glad you did. I took a full month before I started asking the pros; and I think they appreciate it.

Good luck in your work.

Why people are so lack of patience to start complaining even before searching the whole site!

Look at : PE Glossary!

I’m too tired to post this link once and again too!

Ohoh, seems I’m late!

>Ohoh, seems I’m late!

me too :D

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Originally posted by memento
>Ohoh, seems I'm late!

me too :D

I jumped right in there to try and save you busy mods some frustration and trouble.

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