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What technique used by the majority in PE.......


What technique used by the majority in PE.......

What technique in PE used by the majority of people do you believe is full of shit for lack of a better word? I mean when you read these posts whatmakes you rolll your eyes up in the back of your head?

What do you beleive is a waste of time! Like it is more efficent to pound sand than to waste my/your time doing that!

C’mon tell me Guys! Thanks TT

Junk or gold?

Penis pumps - Junk
Cock rings - Junk (fun, but still junk)
Hangers - Gold so far
Jelq - Gold so far
wraps, uli type - undecided

most of all be carefull and don’t mangle your meat.


I will not say that perhaps there are legit pills that will increase blood flow and give a fuller hang or mightier erections (after all look at Viagra), but NO pills alone will increase penis size.


So pills are all for show, I guess you could say! Just a flacid look.

I don’t believe any pills will even give you a flaccid look. If anyone know of a pill that will even increase flaccid size please speak up because I would love that. But I don’t think it exists.


But all I thought for lack of a better way of saying it would be…..
That the pills and supplements increase the blood flow circulation giving a (slight) increase in flacid thickness or (perhaps) length.

On the Pe Forum all these guys sit around and tell about their supplements. I have yet to purchase anything chemically based.

I always thought it MAy work for some not all. It is not a true science.

The Pills I heard include a half assed PE regimine to give you the increase supposedly. But this is only what I heard from the 2 boards. I have not bought any of them or ha

God Damnit! Sorry Dance! My cat jumped on the keyboard! Sent the reply as I was typing!

As I have said I do not have forst hand experience here.

I always likened these supplements to liquor!

My idea goes like this. All you are paying for in a bar is the convience of whatever you want and the companionship of the building and its people. You could just go to the liquor store and by the booze yourself. Make your own drink and in theory cheaper.

So these pills are convient but you could take the supplements seperatly and use them to a better affect.
Perhaps? What do you think? Viagra is too expensive and dangerous! I took it once and had wrecking ball cock for 3 days. It also got superhot and I felt like Rudolph. It was so damn red! Lol

Flaccid pills

Originally posted by Dance
I don't believe any pills will even give you a flaccid look. If anyone know of a pill that will even increase flaccid size please speak up because I would love that. But I don't think it exists.


I didn’t actually mean it would increase flaccid size, just maintain it at it’s near best hang - I’m sure that’s what you meant anyway. And I also said perhaps. I know in your line of work it would be a great benefit. If such a pill did exist, and wasn’t expensive with no side effects, I’d take it.


Penis Pill review

Here is 1 person’s review of Vig-RX

Supposedly he used these pills exclusively And he spent $190 for a 4 month supply
Look for posts by Wally…15116#post15116…18017#post18017…18857#post18857…19339#post19339

From these posts Wally says he exclusively used pills, and not PE exercises.
His reported gains after 4 months are:

“I started on Feb 4th at 6.4 inches and now i’m at 7.0 inches 12 weeks later”
“Girth has also increased from 5.2 to 5.5, which I didn’t expect”

Here is his final statement

“I am in no way endorsing any of these pills. In fact, I think at best all I would say is that make a good, pricey supplement to any PE regiment. For time reasons I have not been doing any other PE except taking these pills. Also, honestly, before I bought them I couldn’t find any personal review of them, especially one without other routines in place.

So I guess to further qualify my statement….its been working okay for me so far, I have no idea if it would help anyone else out. The biggest thing i’m happier with is it definitely improvement my flaccid size(i never bothered to measure that before I don’t know the increase in size).”

So here we have someone who has gained 1/2 Inch in length and 1/3” in girth in 4 months time. I would say although it is not the 2 to 3 Inches that Vig-RX promotes, its still very good gains.

Anyway I know how everyone looks down upon penis pills, but most of these people have never tried them, isn’t that similar to non-believers of PE who have never tried PE, they don’t think it could possibly work.

Unlike Wally, I recently purchased a 6 month supply of Virility Pills, which cost me $155 with shipping ( roughly $31 each ), and will be using them in conjunction with PE Exercises, and will be reporting my growth monthly.

Just my 2 cents


I’m afraid you haven’t convinced me at all.

I don’t agree with your assertion that people who don’t think these pills will work are like those people who don’t accept that pe is possible.

I think a better comparison would be bodybuilding. There are many supplements available but you usually find that anything which claims to give you gains with absolutely no effort on your part is a load of shit. These products prey on the fact that in todays lazy society everybody wants something for nothing - unfortunately this goes against a (so far) unbreakable physical law - ie you can’t get something for nothing.

i do believe that there probably are supplements that will help you attain better gains if you are willing to put some time and effort into pe but for you to be able to take a pill and make your cock grow with absolutely no effort?????

Look to bodybuilding again - millions are spent every year on research in this field and still nothing has been found to increase muscle and decrease fat with absolutely no effort required.

So as far as i am concerned i think the guy you mention is either: lying, not measuring right, or experiencing some sort of placebo effect.

let me know how you get on mind you - i’m always interested.

nb - the cynical tone of this post is due to 6-8 years of being ripped off while trying to gain weight. After this time i have realised the best things are:
1 Proper exercise
2 Diet
3 Rest

so although i do take supplements they are no match for the more sensible (and harder work) elements.

phew - sorry about the rant.

See Ya,


In looking at many of the pills there is a common collection of ingredience. Yes a person can just purchase the ones that they believe are beneficial without the negative side effects of other things such as Yohimbe. In addition to all the multiple vitamins, I take Niacin, Arginine, and Zinc as well as even the horny goat weed sometimes which has no Yohimbe. Anyway, Niacin and other stuff including Ginko Baloba is supposed to increase circulation, but that did not translate into a fuller hang for me. I would love to find something that I can take before class that would give me a larger flaccid hang, but never found anything other than exercizes and a little Viagra beforehand, which would be bad to take everyday.

I even had high hopes for the Vasoderm or other topical products but nothing worked. So all I know how to do is keep myself in the best shape, take the suppliments and do some stuff before class. Also it is very important not to get nervous and practice some breathing and relaxation techniques.

I was reluctant to post about something else I am experimenting with because I just don’t know yet. It is based on Ayurvedic principles. That is based on India’s medical system, which is over 5,000 years old. Similar but also different than the Chinese system, it has herbs and stuff designed to increase circulation and inprove reproductive organs, cell growth and tissue repair as well as sperm count. I am doing some experimentation and noticed some things but I need to isolate the idems and see what works for me. However, we have different constitutions so things work different for different people. Yesterday though I was popping woodies in a class that I did not want to and was really amazed. I will post more about this when I can be more confident and sure of what I am talking about. If I do…(you guys will owe me lol).


By the way, much of this is for impotence or problems but that does not mean it will not be good to take to maintain proper health. It is one thing however, to go from impotence to normal, and an entirely different thing to go from normal or even above normal to super-human erections lol. Besides that, when a person is taking all kinds of stuff and doing many exercizes it is not easy to find cause and effect etc. There are even pressure points in yoga that improve erections, massages and topical herbs one can apply (guess I will have to post about them sometime).

I guess this girl I know is right, I am a sexual Ninja lol.

I believe a person can always improve no matter what state they are in and learn. So even though I dont’ have ED it is nice to always learn.

I am still not happy and amazed that that guys talked about that impotence board and advertized it and never gave me that address or anything. Seems crazy to me, but even after I asked and asked, nothing. I mean a guy that is ready willing and able to support? But then again it probably died by now, I would expect as much.



The problem was with your email. Avocet will send you an invitation if you give him a good email address. I even tried forwarding a copy of the email for Avocet and it came back “undeliverable”. So, send Avocet a PM with an email address and I am positive he will give you another invitation.

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I will try again, but I did that several times. Don’t know why it would not work.



You Posted

“Look to bodybuilding again - millions are spent every year on research in this field and still nothing has been found to increase muscle and decrease fat with absolutely no effort required”

Well, thought I would argue you on this one

here is a link, tell me what you think…ARY/020108A.htm

Do a search on C75, and you’ll find plenty of articles about it
Looks like there is no need for exercise on this one.

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