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What technique used by the majority in PE.......


so do some of you think it is worth it to give the pills a shot?

i personally think that they dont work think of it this way if 1 guy gained he would tell hes friend then they would tell theres are so on that means that everyone would be taking them and just about every body would be hung


Hey kamel

i see what you are saying but mice are not men. I know you know this but if this research actually bears out it would be a long time before we can take the stuff.

Remember the research on leptin and the such like? I remember seeing two mice side by side one of which looked obese - but it was actually just very much more muscular than the other(about twice the size!). I think that was about 5 years or so ago. The same stuff for humans? It never arrived. Many of these things have serious side effects (look to hgh, steroids).

So i still believe that you don’t get nothing for nothing.

nb - i am as lazy (if not more so) as everyone else so if it ever does get here i’ll be at the front of the queue - but i wont be holding my breath!

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I also just had some info sent to me about Myostat. This is meant to suppress Myostatin in the body to allow much greater muscle gains (in conjunction with working out).

I am thinking of giving it a go.

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Very interesting, I am gonna post this at the weightlifting forum and see if we can get any feedback


supps that increase penis size

500mg testosterone enanthate
25 mg methandrostenlone

that’ll make you hang bigger till you come off cycle.

Hey Rich!

Ummmmm……. I don’t cycle - I usually walk or drive …. so I guess it won’t work for me. Have there been any accredited studies to confirm these findings or is it based purely on anecdotal evidence? Also, do you consider the benefits of hanging fuller outweigh the elevated risks of developing prostate cancer by artificially raising testosterone levels?

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I was joking

But since we are on the subject….. That would depend on the individual. If you are hairy or balding you probalby have a higher amound of 5ar in your blood stream and elvated test levels will cause a corresponding increase in DHT. If one was to supplement with saw palmetto or finisteride there would be hardly any conversion at all. SO in all I would say no. However I do plan on doing some thype of hormone replacment test/HGH or tribblius/herbal therapy later in life. I have done a few cycles the right way and wrong and I do hang bigger and thicker when “on”.


Hey Rich,

Are you a chemist or something? I’d like to know since you are using a lot of technical verbage, and if you actually know what you are talking about (I say this sincerely cause I don’t always know what I’m talking about) then I think we all could learn from you. Also, in an earlier post, you recommended a supplement (tribbus500 or something). Is this a herbal combination or a synthetic equivalent. I am most interested in something that will help to increase vascular performance (blood flow). Thanks in advance for any advice that you can give me.

Happy hangin


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