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what should I use for a wrap for clamping

what should I use for a wrap for clamping

I just got a clamp and I don’t plan on using it for about three weeks. I know I am being impulsive and impatient, but I just want to get my materials ready.

So I noticed that there are different sizes of cable clamps to select from. I bought mine at home depot and it goes under the brand name of Cable Cuff.

There was three to chose from; one was huge, one was very small, and one was a medium size one. The huge one was way to big for my penis; I think you would need a 8 EG for that one. So I bought the medium size one. It is like 6.5EG at the first notch. But the penis is not made of hard plastic, so this size clamp would fit any girth. Well I put it on just to see how it fits and I noticed I can tighten it all the way on my current 5.4-5.5EG. So I thought oh, duh, I need to wrap something around my dick before I put it on. I looked for a old mouse pad but couldn’t find one.

So what else would make a good wrap.

Something soft; a cloth, a washcloth, an old sock, a strip of old t-shirt.

You might want to start reading this thread:
Clamping 101 - The clamping guide

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Consider buying a new mouse pad if you want to continue using the same wrap virtually as long as you will clamp.

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Thanks guys

I’ve moved on to an Air Clamp, but when I clamped with a turn-key clamp I used a terry cloth wrist band: http://www.uniquesportsaccessories….wrist-bands.htm

The one I use is the narrowest I could find — maybe 2.25 inches — without any patches or embroidery. You could use a wider one and fold it in half.

What about not using a wrap?

I put some duct tape around the inside of my clamp on one side and just use some lube.:)

Mr T.

I would not steer you wrong bro.

The best thing I have found to use is a thick jelly type cock ring. I made a thread on it that got moved to the review forum because I guess I didn’t have enough posts to make a thread in the main forum or whatever.

Anyway, here is a link to the thread. Swiss Army Knife of PE

I posted links to pictures and to the website where you can buy them and everything plus the many other uses for them.

I will never wrap again for clamping among other things that I used to wrap for. The rings are so much easier and feel great. They do an awesome job!

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