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What should i buy first ?


What should i buy first ?

Hello all im new here and was linked from the power-jelq site i need a suggestion which device works best and which should i get first i really plan on getting the pj by next month for 60 beans which is pretty affordable compared to the bib hanger can you guys tell me if the pj has done well for you or should i get the bib first? thanks alot for all the info. :)


There is no need to buy either device. I have both a power jelq device and a bib and they are collecting dust.

Try the manual methods first. You may need to buy some lube but thats about it.

If you read through the faq and the newbie forum you will get an idea of the exercises that are possible.

Then you can post questions like this and others in the newbie forum and work out for yourself whether you prefer the idea of manual methods (including the power jelq), hanging and/or pumping.

You may well decide, like a lot of people here, to not buy any of these devices.

Memento, may I ask why it is you chose not to coontinue using either of those devices after purchasing them? I have a Power-Jelq and a Bib-Hanger on the way, but I do have a different hanging device. I haven’t been using either of them consistent enough to see erect length gains, but definite flaccid gains. Which flaccid gains obviously must come first before erect gains, right? What I do is I start out with a 10 minute pump session to get a semi-erect state easier and fuller, then use the power-jelq and manual jelqing. With manual jelqing I feel I can really control the blood movement easier, but with the power-jelq I feel more of a stretch. And my flaccid state definitely increases after each session of the power-jelq. I’ll report back after a month or two of consistent usage of the devices in correlation with manual PE to tell everyone how the combination has worked. I’m hoping by traveling both roads I might get some impressive first time gains. Here’s to Good Luck! :)


Thank you for your reply memento its always good to save money and thank you for telling me to check out alternatives i think ill make a home made hanger since i have read some threads and people seem to have success withthis method. I also manual jelq myself i got my initial trianing threw, ill be sure to check the newbie forum here thank you for the insight on this.

going for a girthie 8


Ok I bought the power jelq a while before I got here, seemed sensible increase the pressure increase the gains. Since then I’ve read a fair amount on the anatomy of the penis and decided the potential for nerve damage was not worth the risk. I tried the power jelq sideways (like Tom Hubbards drumsticks) to avoid the dorsal nerve but that didn’t work for me. Then I simply worked on my manual jelq technique. It probably took me around 3 months to learn to jelq in as highly effective a manner as possible. The power jelq does not require any understanding of grip which I think is why it appeals, at least initially, to people.

I bought the bib, mainly because I wanted to ensure my backup method for PE’ing. The Bib has been somewhat erratically produced in the past and probably will be in the future ( Buy your Bib now!!). I believe its a good method of gaining but manual is working for me, so why change.

Flaccid stretched gains are supposed to be a good indicator of erect gains to come. Personaly I don’t notice this. Jelqing tends to decrease the difference between flaccid and erect.


Check out Tom Hubbards sites they are great for info on home made hangers. There’s the current site but the old ones are also good (in the PEArchive). All the links are at the bottom of the page.

Memento -

Can you elaborate on the jelquing techniques which you’ve developed in those 3 months?

I think it was you and Thunder who encouraged me to try the palm down grip and now I do almost all my jelquing this way.

I found that I can do it in 2 different ways: one is when I’m about 75% erect or less, and then I seem to use most of the pressure on the underside of the shaft, where my thumb and index finger meet - this results in a real big expansion which I move up towards the head with the jelquing movement, almost like I’m doing a horse or a uli, but moving.

The other way is when I am about 80% erect or more, then I use the pressure more on the sides of the shaft, because they become hard with a bigger erection, this results in less of a pump in the underside as in the first version, but is still intense. In this version the middle of the fingers create the pressure.

For me, the palm down grip are more intense and move much more blood compared to the palm up I used before, it’s almost like a hybrid between a jelq and a squeeze which is good for my girth routine.

Mostly I would use the first version, mainly because it’s harder to maintain the erection needed for the second one.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and about any other grip techniques which you find effective.

Ok, but its not revolutionary stuff, your jelqing sounds pretty effective and not without saying this.

**Jelqing in this manner can cause serious damage**.

No refunds ;)

There are basically 3 factors in jelqing that I can see. Of these the grip is probably the most important. The other two are erection level and the stroke.

I find a 3 second stroke works best. I still count 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand 3 one thousand. Anything more than a four second stroke does not seem too effective, this is related to my current length and my idea of a second is probably, in reality, over a second. The stroke in combination with the grip needs to exert a significant pull. This pull is easier at lower erection levels but quite possible at higher erection levels.

The erection level I use is 90%+, this runs against the maxim for length gains but I find it works for me (and I did work up to that). Also I do a pretty major stretch routine so I can only vouch for it working in that kind of routine and of course its only personal experience.

The grip placement is important, using a full ok is not essential (though I mostly do), what is essential is the rotation of the grip. When jelqing up I i generally rotate the grip out slightly from what is comfortable as I find I can gain more purchase on the ligaments and better veins closure with a lower pressure. I often locate the thumb joint over the dorsal nerve. The pressure I use is probably best described as slightly under tourniquet, it has to be pretty hard with a high erection. When jelqing down with an overhand ok (I tend to switch as my erection starts to fade) I again rotate my grip but this time its more often more inward than is comfortable. Sometimes I close off the bottom of the shaft sometimes I don’t.

The ok I make is with the thumb over the finger. This allows more pressure, simpler variation of pressure where necessary and (when jelqing with a standard ok) the production of a grip that leads at the top when I want it to, producing a diagonal area of pressure.

Because I have a foreskin I tend to finish one stroke and hold at side of the glans, attach a light second grip about 1.5” up release the top grip enough to pull back the skin to the base (which is not much with KY liquid).

So each stroke I’m focusing on several factors, how much of a stretch I’m getting, the pressure I’m creating ahead of the grip, the pressure I’m creating in the head, the proximity to and pressure on the dorsal nerve. I stroke full way up to the glans but I’m extremely aware of what I’m pressing on and I release pressure a little when I hit the glans and any remaining pressure is sideways which runs nicely into pulling back the skin again.

I only ever jelq for 15 minutes as I simply cannot concentrate on and create the same intensity over a longer period. I work up the intensity within the first minute or so and by the end of that minute it is extremely intense. I kegel hard with each stroke prior to tightening the new grip at the base. I do 1 - 2 sessions a day (currently mostly one) spaced at least 4 hours apart.

Recently I was forced to jelq one handed and I found pumping and holding the PC whilst reasserting the grip at the base worked pretty well.

I don’t recommend that you go for this method. Try taking bits and pieces if they are useful, and experimenting with the grip is probably the most important thing. Is that the kind of info you wanted?

device wise the pj is really good for girth and the bib is good for lenth(so ive heard)

When I get my girth goal reached (1 inch to go)
I may invest in a hanger but then again maby not. Im a little scared of hanging but the results are nice for most people

Thank you memento for you help can you please tell me the difference between the starter bib and the original bib other than price,if theres no big difference between the two i may opt for the starter for the obvious price difference. Ps im still gonna try my luck on making one but am cautious dont want the family jewel to get snapped in some way and i really wonder how these hangers stay on the penis with all the weight that will be placed on it i guess the hanger has to have a really snug fit with clamps or so,well im gonna take your advice and checked out the Tom Hubbards site and also the PEArchive thanks for the great info as always you have been a big help.

going for a girthie 8


My advise would be to read the archives and FAQ database and start with manual methods. Lot of guys report good gains without buying anything. It seems to be proportional to the time spent on PE, and getting the technique right, not on the gizmo.

I have had the Bib hanger for about a month. I decided to get it after reaching a length plateau. I am very happy with it.

In my opinion, making your own hanger is not a good idea, particularly for a newbie. “Trial and error” on your penis is bad, particularly when there is someone who has already done it for you! The Bib hanger is comfortable and grips tight so you don’t need to tighten it very much.

The starter is for guys with stretched flacid length of 5 inches or less. I am 6.5 BP and the regular Bib fits with room to spare.


Thanks memento

Yes, that’s the kind of info I wanted. I will try to incorporate some of these ideas into my jelqing. For example reading about the duration of the jelq made me want to experiment with longer movements, I think mine are usually 2 seconds long.

Also the thumb over the finger for extra pressure sounds like a nice idea.

I noticed you seem a bit apologetic for ideas that are not “revolutionary” as you put it. In my opinion sometimes the simplest things are the most important. Like your Coke Can Stretch which (even though I still haven’t got a chance to try - I only drink mineral water :) ) sounds to me like a really great idea.

If you do get a Bib Hanger make sure you size it right. The starter is for the smaller guy, the regualr is for those that are already packing. Please go to Bib’s site to get the lowdown on which one to purchase.

I think Momento makes some really good points about the Power-Jelq. But from what I gather, it does speed things up a bit for those who have only so much time to get it done in a day. i think if Caution is taken seriously you won’t run into those problems.

Yes i own both devices too.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


nice first post. Its good to remember we can’t just break out a new penis from a six pack when we damage it. Tom Hubbards stuff is well thought out though. I constructed a drumstick hanger and that worked ok but I still prefer the manual methods.


Experimentation is where its at :)


You’re right caution and powerjelq are two words that go together very well :) Its definitely not a newbie device. There are a lot of guys who use it without problems, and there are a lot of people who damage themselves with manual methods. I just value my dorsal nerve :)

No problem, I completely understand your point of view on this one. I think that these devices are good uses of time for some people. Anything that allows men to accomplish PE a bit more efficently is good in my book. Not everyone likes certain devices. But i think for overall value to reward possibilty these two products are very useful.

I know that you posted often on the power-jelq device and told people what to watch out for exactly and how to still get use out of it by modifying the exercises. I appreciate this immensly. Thank you.

The Bib is a great device. Though I see it as the last step of success for people who have already gained and use it to break a palteau and chase their final goal. I see people like Dld who have made amazing success at Pe, then use it to chase the hardest parts down now. (I don’t think he has hung yet, but he has gotten the hanger, he posted about receiving it to his place the other day.)

This forum is free and use it to learn from other’s experiences. That’s what i do. Many free inovations like Coke Can Stretches, Jais, and Dld Blasters can help you get going all with no monetary cost.

I see some people have different opinions on spending money for devices. Some people are tighter than I am which is cool and I don’t know their situation. But I think it is a worthwhile investment. But, why use an elephant gun to kill a mouse. When a smaller weapon may be better at it. See how your respond to these exercises first, then evaluate your needs and go from there.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

If you have a lot of money right now, a donation is always an option ;)


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