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What SHAPE penis is best - Girls??

What SHAPE penis is best - Girls??

I just wanted to know from some of the more experienced girls out there or some guys who have talked to their wives or girlfriends, what type of penis girls find the most pleasurable. Is a cone penis where the base is thicker or a penis that is cylindrical more pleasurable, or does the size of the head have any affect. Right now I have a cone-type penis where is is much fatter at the base. I would like to have a cylindrical penis with a fat head———what does everyone think??

From personal experience there are several things that make up a good functional shape.

the standard ‘pretty penis’ is cylindrical with a large-ish head, but not mushroom, with no curve but a high erection angle. But I dont think this is the most functional.

I believe that a perfectly straight-as-an-arrow penis is next to useless in hitting spots such as the gspot. You would have to have a huge angle of attack to hit it with a straight one, as well as not being able to go in far.

I think as far as hitting the G-spot is concerned, an upwards curve and a big head reigns supreme, if you are talking missionary position. About the CDS, I wouldn’t know.

All I know is that with a downward curve, doggy style hits my GF’s G-spot hard. I don’t mind missing it in missionary, I love looking at her big round ass cheeks and exposed pretty little pink hole it drives me nuts. :D

I think maybe a conical shape is not exactly the best due to the fact that a vagina has alot more space up inside than it does at the opening. If it’s sort of ‘triangular’ then you will stretch the opening, but not fill the upper parts. Then again, I suppose that’s better than having a reverse cone (baseballbat effect) where you stretch her out upon entering, but once inside you dont touch the walls of the opening but fill the upper parts :D

Best bet is just simply to have a huge girth all over, then you will fill her up, stretch her out in all palces and directions without worry of missing spots.

You can always make up for lack of size/shape by trying different positions/angles/ technique etc.

I’ve been told that a big head feels good.


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