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what routine and/or exercise seems to get the biggest results in length


what routine and/or exercise seems to get the biggest results in length

my only routine is jelqing

i do 4 sets of 200 jelqs and seem to get pretty good results with it

i went from 5 3/4 NBPEL to 6 3/8 NBPEL in just one month. I know ED was not the case since i have never had any probles with my errection and I’m 20.

so guys give me some more suggestion and tips on my current routine, is there stuff that i can do to improve my workout? is there stuff i shouldn’t do? give me some insides?




First suggestion is to read the forum guidelines on capitalization.

Next, read up on hanging and manual stretching.

Then just do a lot of reading, use the search function with key words like gains, length, routines.

Good luck to you and welcome to Thunders.

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Your program give results, stick with it. When you see that the gains slow down just change your routine to another one. Congratualtion to your gains, i would killed for your progress!

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Yeah, don’t just change routines arbitrarily for the sake of changing - do so when your progress stops. But if you’re making progress, then just stick with it.

0.875” gain in one month by jelqing only? I say don’t change a thing. Stick with your current routine until you stop seeing gains. If/when that happens, read up on hanging and ADS (All day strap).

I agree with above. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken.

You might like to look into the application of heat in your warm-ups and warm-downs, other than that keep with what you’re doing.


you can do my cock math anytime :) .

Thank you for your input guys, i really appreciate that.

I guess ill just stick with my current PE routine, eventhought some of you guys seem very surprized about my gains. why dont you try them, as well? If they worked for me, maybe they will work for you guys too.

You have nothing to loose. Just in case you decide to try my routine, here it is:

I do 4 sets of 200 (800 total) jelqs at 70 - 100% errection with 75-100% pressure applied. The whole process takes me about 30-60min. After the whole workout, i drink a protein drink and take one VIG-RX tablet. Be careful if you havent done jelqing so intensively, because you will exhaust your dick very, very, very much !!!!
what i have noticed about my work out was that during the first 2-3 weeks, my penis was sooooo exhausted and swollen like a baseball bat after every jelq session. The swelling just before my penis head worried me, but after these first 2-3 weeks, the swelling started to minimize more and more after every workout. And now at the 5th week after I started working out, I am able to jelq at 100% errection and 100% applied pressure without any pain, swelling, exhaustation, or red spots, and I feel i shoud increase my jelqing sessions to 1000 jelqs daily. Now my errections are harder than titanium, and I am able to last way longer in bed. I wasnt gonna mesure it untill the 2nd month had passed, but few days ago i had that hardest hard on ever, so i decided to whip out a ruler and measure it. the lenth to width ratio didnt change, that is why i couldnt see any diffence of my penis with the naked eye. However, after i measured it i thought: Oh my god, you guys dont even know what feeling of joy that caused me, to see that my dick went from 5 3/4 to 6 3/8 in just a few weeks. Many urologist told me that there is no self administered method for Penis Enlagement. I guess they just told me that because they could earn more with PE surgeries. I feel good to know that one day I will be the “9 inch Johny John”

I just wanted to thank you guys, you have changed my life, you have changed my outlook on my sexuallity, and you have made me a better person after all. That is why I wonna thank you.

PE works, and i feels good not be the “5.75 inch John next door dude”. i will keep you informed about my future gains.

thank you so much guys.

It still makes my day to see people making thier dreams come true through hard work! Keep it up john…Gains might be a little harder to come by very soon but dont give up!

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Bud Do

SHIFT KEY!!!!! Make it your friend.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Originally posted by bud_do

you can do my cock math anytime :) .

That’s what I’m here for! :thumbs:

Hey John, just curious, are you doing dry jelq’s or wet jelq’s?

Sunshinekid ?

Do you think all men are the same ? I can tell you I did not do so good in school , because of some of adt and I just can’t see the words in my head.So if this board is just for thous who can read and wright well why don’t you just say so:} Or just don’t respond to the post:}

Wow this shit works!


You are pulling our legs right? Do the best you can, we can tell. It doesn’t help you to get in between someone elses beef any way.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

ok then :}

Wow this shit works!

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