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What length exercises can I do while erect?

What length exercises can I do while erect?

Unfortunately, I am unable to stretch when flaccid because I always just end up stretching the skin because I have too much of it. Grabbing just beneath the glans doesnt work because the skin is too sensitive and holding back the skin doesn’t help. I also am very responsive, so remaining flaccid is an ordeal as well. So, I am asking everyone for any exercises I can do for length that can be done while erect. I’m experienced in jelqing, but because of a growing dissatisfaction with it I am extremely desperate and very appreciative of any info you guys can provide. Thanks.

EL: 7.5” (full arousal, most of the time its between 7 and 7.5)
EG: 4.75-5”

Welcome 121482,

Vacuum pumping is the only thing I can think of that you can do for length erect. Hanging, jelqing, manual stretching, the All Day Stretch devices, etc. all have to be done flaccid. Too much skin? Does that mean you’re not circumcised? We have lots of members who are uncut, perhaps they have some pointers about too much skin and/or sensitivity.

If I may say so, your length is already above average (whatever that means). What are your goals?

I am cut, but for some reason i have just enough skin to discourage my stretching efforts. I just really hope someone will provide me with an exercise other than jelqing that I can do while erect. Oh, and my goals for length are 9-9.5”. If someone has any advice on an effective jelqing routine that would be greatly appreciated as well. Right now I was planning on going into a 10-15 minute/5 days a week routine sitting down doing upward strokes with a palms up grip.

I don’t know if it really helps but you could try to use a thin wrap right under/over your glans. In time it will get a bit less sensitive enough to be able hold it directly.


I used to belong to another Forum before I came to Thunders called
There was an excercise for length which had to be done fully 100% erect, it was called Two Way Excercise.
You do hot wrap for about 5 mins, light stretching about 5 mins, stroke yourself to an erection, with one hand grab the base of your penis with a tournquet grip, tight enough not to restrict blood flow.
With the other hand, form a circle with thumb and forefinger, start at the base, slide the second hand to the gland or head, maintaining the first hand grip, then slide back to the base and repeat, don`t remove your sliding hand or your tournaquet hand
You should aim at doing sets, or time, but do not go for any longer than 5 mins.
If you find you are losing your erection, just stroke yourself to another and repeat the process until you have completed the excercise.
What you are trying to acheive, is forcing blood to the gland and back to the base……

Hope this helps…

Gettin Bigger

like piet said ...

I am uncut and when i started the head was way sensitive. I now wrap it around with a handkerchief and I have gotten used to it and it doesn’t hurt any more.

Conditioning my man :)


Perhaps this could be of interest to you: http://penis-enlargement-manual.thu…avy_weights.htm
I know the hanging is not done erect, but hear me out…
After two month of hanging (using the swimcap method), I noticed that my foreskin seems to be smaller now, i.e. less covering the glans.. I’m uncut too, and although in the beginning I was quit sensitive, the swimcap never really hurt. One advice though: you have to remove it really, I mean REALLY slowly, or else the latex will stick and you will feel like your skin is being torn.
Also: ‘responsive part’ of your post is no real problem here, because the swimcap is easier to attach while half-erect. To make sure the cap stays on I use three ‘loose’ elastic hair bands. This way the preasure caused by the weight is divided equally over the whole circumference instead of the two main preasure points of manual stretching.

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